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Student Satisfaction Data Highlights

As is required of schools that are members of accrediting agencies that are recognized by the US Department of Education, Bethany Global University annually does a significant amount of research on our outcomes and effectiveness. Some of the highlights we found this year are as follows

Assessment Highlights

  • The Exit Survey Empowerment Questions suggest we are having a significant impact on the spiritual experience and empowerment of our students.
  • The Exit Survey, Assessment of Graduates Regarding Vocations Report,  Alumni Survey, and BIM report suggest we are fielding a significant percentage of graduates as missionaries.
  • The Freshmen File Report suggests we are attracting the right students for the BCOM mission (e.g., students who come with a desire to be missionaries).
  • Perceptions from a wide variety of people that we are successfully achieving our mission (e.g., board, administration, staff, faculty, site supervisors, interns, BA seniors, AA sophomores, certificate students)
  • 86.91% of alumni are either working or volunteering in missions

Enrollment/Retention/Graduation Information

Headcount (total number of students) 109
Percent of full-time students (full-time students divided by total number of students) 98%
Tuition (cost per credit) $279
Average Tuition of ABHE-Accredited Colleges (cost per credit) $304.08
($7298/yr – assuming 24 credits/yr)
Percent of students receiving financial assistance (e.g., scholarships) 100%
Retention Rate (returning students divided by number of potential returning students) 60%
Percent of students who completed their program within 150% of full-time studies (e.g., for bachelor students, the number of graduates from six years ago divided by the number of students who began their bachelors six years ago) 82%

Placement of Alumni Three Years After Graduating (from most recent alumni survey.)

Percent of three-year alumni who have been appointed by a mission agency for intermediate or long-term service (Q3) 54.55%
Percent of three-year alumni who are in the process of preparing to go to the mission field (e.g., raising support, pursuing additional training, …) (Q9) 45.45%
Percent of three-year alumni who continued their studies with a higher degree (Q11) 27.27%
Percent of three-year alumni who have found volunteer positions in their field of study (Q13) 54.55%
Percent of three-year alumni who are now paid ministers (Q14) 9.09%
Percent of three-year alumni who are volunteering regularly in their church or another ministry (Q15) 54.55%