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Parent Information

As parents, we understand that you have questions about BGU’s programs and how they can be put to use to thrive in life and make an impact for Christ. Below, the President of Bethany Global University, Dave Hasz, shares answers to the most frequently asked questions from parents.

Top Three Parent Questions

(And Their Answers)


Why should I encourage my student to pursue a career in missions?


Can my student get a job or earn money with one of BGU’s degrees?


What do students do while they are on their global internship overseas?

Additional Information

Parent Testimonials

“I could not be more thankful and appreciate everyone at BGU who is pouring into my son”
—Hilary, student parent

“We are thankful for these years of Shiloh becoming a missionary in her own status while still being under the umbrella of Bethany Global University with clear oversight and accountability as she pursues a future career as a foreign missionary.”
—Carrie, student parent