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Network of International Christian Schools + Bethany Global University

The Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) is a network of Christian schools with students from over 100 nations. They are dedicated to reaching the world for Christ through Christian education.

NICS and BGU are both committed to providing Christian education interculturally. This partnership allows students from both organizations to continue their education as they pursue intercultural ministry.

Undergraduate Benefits

Students pursuing one of BGU’s undergraduate programs with dual citizenship are required to enroll as US citizens since this will impact cost and visa status.

We highly recommend all residential undergraduate students to complete the FAFSA so that they can qualify for BGU’s Tuition-Paid model. If students choose not to complete FAFSA, a portion of their tuition will not be eligible to be covered by BGU student aid. All residential students qualify for work college benefits.

Students with dual citizenship outside of the United States have the choice of which nationality to use when enrolling, but must commit to one since it will impact cost and visa status. Countries are broken down in our ABC designations and tuition is detailed for each designation.

Graduate Studies and Online Undergraduate Benefits

Students pursuing a BGU graduate program, regardless of citizenship status, can choose to pay the United States student cost or the discounted rate of their country of residence.

Graduate students seeking to utilize FAFSA and the option of student loans must enroll as United States citizens.

You can view the graduate tuition cost breakdown for each country designation in more detail.