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Testimonials & Reviews

“Everyone here is so passionate and focused on Jesus and the beautiful mission he gave the church. I’m thankful to be around people who want to go out and share his love. It holds me accountable and gives me a ton of joy and hope.” —Maddy C.

“I love BGU because of the community and the challenge. The love, joy and strength that come from it through Jesus.” —BGU Student

“BGU is an awesome community to grow and learn in fellowship about God and his word.” —Chris M.

“I love and trust the leadership and staff members at BGU. I appreciate their passion and that they really care about us.” —Tiffany G.

“BGU is a great place for fellowship and community.” – Brandon C.

“I appreciate how personal the staff is and how close the community is.” —Bethany M.

“The community is amazing here. The staff want to serve God first and foremost, and classes are awesome.” —Beth B.

“I love that we learn practical skills in work and in class that can be used in ministry, at home, and overseas.” —Aubrey K.

“I love the Godly community. I love learning how to be the body of Christ with an awesome group of people, all working towards the same goal.” —Miriam H.

“The community is amazing, and the leadership and heart behind missions here has changed my life.” —James J.

“I like being in an environment where I know that God is present. Being involved here has helped me develop time management and given me valuable life skills.” —Logan F.

“I love that BGU is focused on bringing the church to where it is not.” —Vicki G.

“I love the community and that all of the people here have been broken, but have such a strong faith in the Lord and are on fire for God and to grow his ministry. The environment here is great.” —Krystal O.

“I love everyone’s heart for the Lord. As a community, everyone is just so focused on serving God and taking the church to where it is not.” Shiloh P.

“The community is so awesome! The relationships I’ve formed here are super incredible, and these are friends I feel like I will have for the rest of my life!” —Marissa R.

Practical training is awesome and the community is great! Also, the staff are fabulous humans.” —Carly