Student Satisfaction Data Highlights

The College’s accrediting agency, The Association for Biblical Higher Education, requires that information be made available to the public.  A series of assessments were completed by students for the 2012-13 academic year.

Assessment Highlights

  • On the Senior Spiritual Assessment, high ratings we were given for a spiritual campus atmosphere based on the influence of faculty and peers.
  • The results of an assessment taken by seniors in April 2013 show that students feel the College is quite helpful in enabling them to be spiritually transformed and in exhibiting the items the College lists in a category entitled “Becoming Intercultural.”
  • The Exit Survey shows students feel God has led or spoken to them through the classes and fieldwork.  We are also proud that 82.4% of graduates indicated that they definitely want to go to another country as a cross-cultural missionary.
  • One of the institution’s assessments called the benchmarking report shows excellent academic credentials of permanent staff and faculty.

Enrollment/Retention/Graduation Information

Headcount (total number of students) 93
Percent of full-time students (full-time students divided by total number of students) 99%
Tuition (cost per credit) $357
Percent of students receiving financial assistance (e.g., scholarships) 100%
Retention Rate (returning students divided by number of potential returning students) 82%
Percent of students who completed their program within 150% of full-time studies (e.g., for bachelor students, the number of graduates during the previous six years divided by the number of students who began their bachelors six years ago).  Note that many students study part time. 31%