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It’s time to start your journey as a Montessori educator. Read below to find out when the next classes start, eligibility requirements, and the process to start.

Enrollment Dates

Summer Intensive: 6/13/2022 – 7/29/2022

Future Summer Intensive: 6/12/2023 – 7/28/2023

Admissions Criteria

For admission to CMTC, candidates must complete all the requirements listed in the CMTC Admission Application. They must also have the pre-requisite Child Development course completed to receive a full credential. If an adult learner completes the program without the Child Development pre-requisite, they will be limited to a provisional certificate only.

If an adult learner joins the program having an Associate’s degree, they will be eligible to earn an Associate’s level credential. Adult learners who complete the program with a Bachelor’s Degree will receive a full Montessori credential.

A minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.5 is required for acceptance.

Admissions Process

Students must complete/submit the following for admission to CMTC:

  • A completed and signed application
  • Application fee of $50
  • A copy of college transcripts (please notes that if HS or AA is the highest degree held when the program is complete, the student will receive only an Associate Montessori Certificate)
  • A copy of Montessori credentials (if applicable)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae
  • A 300-word vision statement of why you are pursuing a Montessori education. Describe your immediate and long term goals upon receiving your Montessori credential
  • A photocopy of a current government issued photo ID
  • A signature of receipt and acknowledgment of the CMTC Student Handbook, including policies and procedures

Transfer of Credit

CMTC only accepts the transfer of credit for the pre-requisite course of Child Development. The course must be from a college or university, substantiated with an official transcript, fulfill 32 clock hours or more, and must have been graded (not audited). The credit will only be accepted if the grade level is a C or above.