Acceptance Process

Step 1: Fill Out BCGS Application

Filling out the application form is the first step in the application process. You can start now and save it in order to complete it later if needed.

Step 2: Fill Out Personal Information

Fill out the Personal Information form in your Admissions Hub

Step 3: Get 2 References

These are people who you’ve known for at least 2 years. We will need a reference from a:

  • Personal friend
  • Pastor

We do not accept references from relatives.

Log into your Admissions Hub to request references

Step 4: Send In Your Transcripts

There are three ways to send your official (sent from the college) undergraduate transcripts to the following address:

  1. Have your college mail it to:
    BGU’s Center for Graduate Studies
    6820 Auto Club Rd. Suite C
    Bloomington, MN 55438
  2. Have them fax it to: 1-952-829-2765
  3. Have them scan and email the transcript to: admissions@bethanygu.edu