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Financial Aid

Bethany Global University is tuition-paid for qualifying students! This means that your tuition is paid in full through a combination of Federal Pell Grants, a Practical Training Tuition Waiver and a Bethany Global University Tuition Waiver.

You qualify for the tuition-paid benefit if you will be a full-time, residential, American student, who has not yet earned a previous bachelors degree and who completes the FAFSA.

If you will be a full-time, residential international student or if you have already earned a bachelors degree and will be a full-time residential student you will still receive the Practical Training Tuition Waiver and will also receive a partial Bethany Global University Tuition Waiver. You are not required to complete the FAFSA.

The costs that remain after the tuition-paid benefit is applied,  include your housing and meals on campus (room and board), required annual fees, a refundable room deposit (for new students only), and required medical coverage or insurance, if you are an international student or do not have existing medical insurance.

Other costs might include the purchase of books and materials, laundry costs, personal expenses such as having a cell phone, vehicle expenses such as a parking permit and insurance, travel for school breaks and personal supplies such as clothing, electronics etc.

Additional Scholarships & Discounts

Bethany Global University offers the following institutional discounts, which apply to your required annual fees:

$300 Campus Visit Event (Preview Weekend) Scholarship – attend one of our semi-annual Campus Visit Events (cannot be combined with the Individual Campus Visit Event Discount; one per student; new students only)

$200 Individual Campus Visit Scholarship – arrange an individual campus visit with the Admissions Office (cannot be combined with the Preview Campus Visit Event discount; one per student; new students only)

$300 Pay in Advance Discount – pay for the entire year in full, by the first payment due date and this discount applies to your required annual fees (available to freshmen and sophomores)