Tuition & Fees: Online Hybrid Program

Tuition and fees for the Online Hybrid program are different from on-campus programs. If your degree program requires you to continue education on campus, other tuition and fees will apply.

Per Credit Rate $350
Full Time Annual Cost
Tuition $8,400*
Student Services Fee $200
Technology Fee $250
Matriculation Fee $150
Total $9,000**

Full time tuition (12+ credits) is banded at $8,400

**There is an additional $50 graduation fee for certificate students



Are there any other scholarships available?

BGU does not offer any scholarships for the online program. Only on-campus students are eligible to receive the pay in advance discount, campus preview weekend or campus visit scholarship.

BGU does accept outside scholarships and highly encourages students to seek those out.

Is the Online Hybrid Program eligible for Tuition-Paid?

During the online portion of the program, students are not eligible for Tuition-Paid because they are not able to meet the Practical Training requirements.

If the student moves on campus to complete their degree, Tuition-Paid is possible as long as they meet the other requirements.