Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Your tuition is paid through a combination of grants and tuition waivers:

All students who wish to receive the tuition-paid benefit are required to apply annually for U.S. Department of Education Title IV funds by completing the FAFSA online. Federal Pell Grants are applied to the remaining tuition costs.

All students take part in a Practical Training assignment in a department on campus. Students who successfully meet the requirements of Practical Training receive a scholarship. By the end of the school year, this scholarship covers half of the student’s annual tuition costs.

If a student’s tuition costs are not fully covered by the Practical Training Tuition Waiver and Title IV funding, BGU waives the remaining tuition balance, no matter how much it is. If you qualify for student loans through Title IV funds, they may cover all or part of the costs of room, board and required annual fees.

Who Qualifies for Tuition-Paid?

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States of America
  • Be a full time undergraduate student (not applicable to graduate courses)
  • Not already possess an accredited Bachelor’s degree
  • Apply for and accept qualifying Federal Pell Grants (FAFSA goes toward your tuition)


You might wonder why BGU would choose a tuition-paid model in a time when tuition and fees for a private 4-year college average over $31,000. We could simply charge students our comparatively modest $12,000 in tuition!

However, our focus is to equip you to show the love of Jesus and share the gospel message among the nations. In most cases graduates will be raising missionary support or living on a limited income overseas. Therefore, we are committed to finding creative financial solutions in order to enable you to receive the training you need.



**Stats taken from collegeboard.org.


Bethany Global University offers the following institutional discounts, which apply to your required annual fees:

$300 Campus Visit Event (Preview Weekend) Scholarship – attend one of our semi-annual Campus Visit Events (cannot be combined with the Individual Campus Visit Event Discount; one per student; new students only)

$200 Individual Campus Visit Scholarship – arrange an individual campus visit with the Admissions Office (cannot be combined with the Preview Campus Visit Event discount; one per student; new students only)

$300 Pay in Advance Discount – pay for the entire year in full, by the first payment due date and this discount applies to your required annual fees (available to freshmen and sophomores)

Costs, Fees, and Payment Plans

Room & Board Costs and Fees

If you qualify for Federal Direct Loans (student loans) and PLUS Loans (parent loans), they may cover all or part of these costs:

Room and Board – $3,700 per semester          

Required Fees** – $525 per semester

** Required fees (per semester):

-$150 Student Life Fee

-$150 Retreats Fee

-$50 Hub Student Services Center Fee

-$75 SRC Fee

-$50 Facilities and Equipment Fee

-$50 Technology Fee

Seniors only:

-$200 Senior Activity Fee (seniors only; charged the final semester) – not included in total above

-$75 Graduation Fee (seniors only; charged the final semester) – not  included in total above

Room Deposit – For new students only  – This is a one-time fee. It is non-refundable until after orientation; it then becomes refundable if terms of the housing agreement are met.

          $350 room deposit  

-due May 1, 2017 for Fall enrollment

-due October 23, 2017 for Spring enrollment

Room deposits paid after these due dates are subject to a $150 late room deposit fee.

Possible Additional Fees

  • $100/semester Parking Permit Fee – due upon arrival for those with a vehicle on campus
  • $500/semester Meal Plan Options – Gluten-free or Double Entrée plans are available
  • $264 annual Parkway Plan medical coverage – (required for uninsured Americans) – due upon arrival
  • $400 – $700 annual medical insurance – (costs vary) required for uninsured international students (Canadians are exempt) – due in advance
  • $400 annual estimated costs for books and materials – Students are required to purchase certain books and materials directly from the university. These include Partnership Development materials (sophomore year) and the Personal Finance textbook (freshman year).  The costs for these materials are included in the annual estimated costs and are invoiced directly to the student’s account.
  • $50 – $100 Payment Plan Fees – A payment plan fee of $50 (auto-pay) or $100 (manual  payment) is added to the total balance, which would add $5 to $14, respectively, to the monthly payment amount depending upon how many monthly payments you would be scheduled to make.

Payment Plans and Due Dates

Please note that if you are qualified and plan to pay for all or part of your balance via federal student and/or PLUS loans your due dates and amounts will be different.

For all other students the following payment schedule applies:

         First payment: Minimum $3,000  

            –due August 7, 2017 for new students enrolling Fall semester

-due December 4, 2017 for new students enrolling Spring semester

        Additional monthly payments:  

          -Fall enrollment: $555 per month for the next 10 months due on the first of each month

          -Spring enrollment: $800 per month for the next 7 months due on the first of each month