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10 Missionary Internships Around the World & At Home


Written by faith.smitt

In this blog, I am listing and explaining 10 missionary internships that are located around the globe. There are various options available, therefore, no matter where you live, you will have closer options available. The programs vary based on the length and style of ministry. Some internships provide college credit, whereas, others do not.

The following list is in alphabetical order:

1. ABWE Intern

ABWE is an organization that focuses on fulfilling the Great Commission through mission movements. This organization has over 92 years of experience in multiplying leaders and churches. It focuses on bold and relational evangelism with a Biblical basis. The goal is to spark a movement that raises up and trains local leaders to plant churches and continue the movement. ABWE wants to see new believers become empowered and equipped to do the work of the Lord. It also seeks to raise up the local church to continue the movement.

Program Details

  • The intern track is for current students or newly graduated individuals.
  • The intern track is great for church-planting interns, pastoral residents, and short-term workers in North America but is also open for other individuals.
  • Interns work alongside experienced long-term missionaries.
  • There are various intern sites available. Interns also have the opportunity to customize their internship.
  • Internships occur anywhere from 1-6 months.
  • There are also 1-2 week mission trips available.
  • The cost for the internship is available when requesting further information from the organization.

Internship Locations

  • Tanzania – SIFA Threads Ministry with Marginalised Women
  • Australia – Business Evangelism, ESL Teacher, Church Planter
  • Togo – Maintenance & Construction Specialists
  • Jamaica – Online Education Assistance
  • Papua New Guinea – Nursing Intern
  • Japan – ESL Teacher, Social Media Director, Graphic Designer, Videographer
  • South Africa – Sports Ministry Personnel
  • The United States – Construction, Architecture, and Design
  • Nicaragua – Pastoral Training

This is not an exhaustive list and only provides some of the ministry opportunities in each location. There are also additional locations available.

Find further information about the organization, program, and internship locations here.

2. Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University (BGU) is an accredited university located in Bloomington, MN. The vision and goal of the organization is to “Take the church to where it is not and help others do the same.” Bethany Global University also works alongside the mission agency, Bethany International. BGU exists to continue the Great Commission. It focuses primarily on unreached people groups who do not have the gospel readily available. The university equips students to successfully share the gospel, as well as develop various job opportunities that can be used both cross-culturally and within the states.

Program Details

  • Offers an accredited 4 year Bachelor’s Degree with a double major.
  • Majors include Education, Bible and Theology, Transformational Entrepreneurship, and Intercultural Ministry Studies.
  • The four 4 year program includes a 16-month overseas internship.
  • School tuition is covered through grants and a work college format.
  • Students only have to pay room and board out of pocket.
  • The internship is covered by raising support, which is clearly explained and taught through one of the classes.
  • There is also an associates program available that follows the same model but offers a 8-12 week internship.
  • The LEAD program provides a one-year certificate in either Bible and Missions or Pre-Field Preparation.

Internship Locations

  • France
  • Kenya
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Ghana
  • Slovenia
  • Restricted Counties

The internship includes language study, as well as continued school studies, and ministry opportunities. Opportunities vary depending on the location. Find more information about the programs, cost breakdown, and internships here.

3. Bridge Street Mission School

The Bridge Street Mission School is located in Grand Rapids, MI. It is an urban ministry that seeks to bridge the gap between the streets and the church. It focuses on community development and disciplining youth. Bridge Street Mission School takes a holistic approach to sharing the gospel, by creating a transformed spiritual atmosphere and a transformed neighborhood.

Program Details and Internship Locations

  • This occurs over the span of 8-9 months.
  • The program has three major parts: living and preparing within the urban city of Grand Rapids, doing overseas ministry for 3 months, then returning to the city to debrief and conclude their experience.
  • Local ministries include working in the Pavilion Coffee Shop, tutoring local children, prayer walking, and partaking in local events.
  • Bridge Street Mission School has partnered with local Christian colleges, therefore, the internship can count for college credits.
  • Funds for the program are raised by each intern. Scholarships are available based on certain circumstances.
  • Overseas internships take place in Guatemala and India.

Further information is listed here.

4. Compassion in Jesus Name

Compassion in Jesus’ name is a ministry that cares for sponsored children who are impoverished. The ministry receives sponsorship for children from outside sponsors to stop generational poverty. It also does work within the ministry locations of those who are being sponsored. Compassion in Jesus’ name offers a paid internship.

Program Details and Intern Location

  • The home base is located in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Spring interns who are post-grad work from February – May.
  • Summer interns who are either Juniors or Seniors in college work from June-August.
  • Interns go on a week-long internship at a Compassion site.
  • The program involves mentorship, subsidized housing, hands-on projects, and adventures in Colorado.

Additional information and application can be found here.

5. Envision Internships

Envision works across the globe to spread the gospel of Christ and to participate in strategic work. The ministry focuses holistically on the needs of individuals. Additionally, it works to fully equip and support its interns in their work. Envision pours into their interns to grow and disciple them to their potential.

Program Details

  • Interns serve from 1-11 months at any Envision Sites.
  • The hands-on ministry includes teaching English, building relationships, making coffee, working with social justice, serving in urban settings, and connecting with local churches.
  • Inters are discipled by staff and are encouraged to join the program no matter where they find themselves in their faith.
  • Envision specializes in Deaf Ministries.
  • Interns work with other interns, site coordinators, and associates, as well as residents.
  • Internships are not paid. Funds are fundraised. Cost depends on location and time spent in the program.

Intern Locations

  • International Sites Include Bangkok, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, and Taipei.
  • Domestic Sites Include Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Providence, and the Twin Cities.

Visit Envision here for more information.

6. Experience Mission Program Coordinator

Experience Mission works across the globe to serve others sacrificially, holistically, and whole-heartedly. The position of Missions Program Coordinator is a new paid position that works through the organization to continue and facilitate the mission work.

Program Details and Location

  • The position takes place in Spring and Summer.
  • It is open to college students and young adults.
  • The worker will facilitate mission trip logistics, prepare details of service, and lead volunteers in living and leading in communities across the world.
  • This position involves taking the role of a servant leader, and leading groups through all aspects of a mission trip.

Intern Locations

  • Atlanta, GA
  • New York City, NY
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Pike County, Kentucky
  • Webster Springs, West Virginia
  • Jackson County, Ohio
  • Navajo Reservation in Arizona & New Mexico
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Portland & Lewiston, Maine
  • Coastal Texas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Cuba

Applications, job description, and additional details can be found here.

7. Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions is unique in the fact that is works closely with different cultures, religions, and individuals without leaving The United States. This mission focuses on ministering to refugees, immigrants, and international students.

Program Details

  • Internships and short term mission trips are available.
  • Missionary interns perform skits about missions, lead prayer walks, translate language, work at summer camps, lead worship, teach ESL, and disciple others.
  • Although interns do not leave the USA, this is a cross-cultural experience.
  • Individuals who are ministered to have Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Nonreligious background.
  • The internships have a low cost that depends on location and duration.
  • Currently, summer missionary internships take place in Atlanta, GA. The organization is working on other locations, such as South Asia, and Richmond, VA.

Further information about the work of the organization and the various internships and trips are available here.

8. Mission to the World

Mission to the World is an internship that helps individuals discern if they are called to long-term missions. There are locations across the world to allow people from all cultures and countries to take part in the Great Commission. In order to qualify for this internship, interns must have an active involvement in an evangelical church, as well as a clear testimony.

Program Details

  • Internships take place from May-August.
  • The duration of internship is dependent.
  • Living situations can include apartments, living with missionary families or national families.
  • The internship can count for school credit in some instances but must be initiated by the intern.

Intern Locations

  • The Middle East – Business
  • Japan – Ministry, Muscle, and Mentoring, Creative, Energetic, and A Self-Starter Ministry, Teen Ministry.
  • France – Exploring Missions in France
  • Cambodia – Village Internship
  • The United States – Multicultural Refugee Ministry, Inner City Ministry
  • Ukraine – The Greenhouse: Ministry Training

This list does not include all the ministry sites or opportunities available. Find more information here.

9. World Race

The World Race is a discipleship journey that works in 80+ countries. It works in the 10/40 window with unreached people groups. Additionally, it is working in America to ignite revival. The goal is to take part in the Great Commission and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. There are four different programs available depending on age, intensity level, and duration.

Program Details

  • World Race – Designed for ages 21-35. It is an 11-month internship that launches every January, August, and October.
  • Gap Year – Designed for ages 18-20. It launches every September and continues for 9 months.
  • Semesters – Designed for ages 18-22 and lasts anywhere from 1-6 months. It launches in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Global U – Designed for ages 18-23 and it launches every September for 9 months.
  • Funds are raised to cover internship costs.

Intern Locations

  • The World Race takes place across the globe in open and restricted countries.
  • Typically, each internship within the World Race goes to various countries and continents during the internship.
  • Locations and time spent in each country or city depend greatly on the trip.

Greater information about what each program entails can be found here.

10. Youth with a Mission

Youth with a Mission, also known as YWAM is a discipleship program that equips and disciples its interns. Then, the program teaches interns to do the same in a cross-cultural setting. YWAM is a large organization that has locations in many different countries and cities. Programs vary greatly based on location. Since YWAM is so large, it has hundreds of ministry options. Some are focused greatly on church planting, worship, leadership, discipleship, and evangelism. Others have the opportunity for dance, rock climbing, adventure, and skateboarding internships.

Program Details and Locations

  • The first step in YWAM is called a DTS which is a disciple training school. There are hundreds of these training schools worldwide.
  • Secondary schools go deeper into training and ministry opportunities but are only available after the completion of a DTS.
  • There are 1,200 ministry centers throughout the world.
  • Internship costs are covered by raising funds.

Find more information about YWAM and the various sites here.

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