5 Ways You Can Help the Persecuted Church From Home

The dangerous, life-threatening persecution of Christians is a reality worldwide.

Around the world, people are searching for hope.

Christian missionaries risk their lives worldwide to bring Christ’s true hope to those who have none.

They put their lives in danger so that individuals who are oppressed and afraid can be empowered by the truth of the gospel.

Day after day they endure enormous risk to bring truth into societies being bound by lies and corruption.

As the church, it is our calling to stand with them.

Today, I want to empower you with information about how YOU can help the persecuted church from home.

Five Ways You Can Help the Persecuted Church

  1. Learn where the church is being persecuted, what they are facing and how you can help.
  2. Pray for the persecuted church. There are ministry websites who focus on prayer points for the persecuted church.
  3. Write letters of encouragement to members of the persecuted church.
  4. Donate financial resources, food, and ministry material to members of the persecuted church.
  5. Advocate by raising awareness of the reality of Christian persecution and sharing with government, human rights, and religious freedom organizations.

Persecuted Church Ministries

  1. OpenDoors: One of the most well-known ministries advocating for the persecuted church. (Write, Pray, Donate, Advocate, Learn)
  2. Voice of the Martyrs: Another well-known ministry that raises awareness and provides support for the persecuted church. (Write, Pray, Donate, Advocate, Learn)
  3. Samaritan’s Purse: Their ministry focuses on providing physical and spiritual aid to people around the world. They also provide opportunities to donate to the persecuted church. (Donate)
  4. PrisonAlert: Prison Alert is part of Voice of the Martyrs. (Advocate, Write, Donate, Pray)
  5. Be-a-Voice: Part of Voice of the Martyrs as well. It focuses on providing prayer points and writing letters to the persecuted church. (Pray, Write)
  6. Barnabas Aid: Barnabas Aid focuses on raising awareness about the persecuted church and providing basic needs to the members of the persecuted church. (Pray, Donate, Advocate)
  7. Christian Solidarity Worldwide: Their main focus is to pray and advocate about the persecution of Christians to the USA and other governments.(Pray, Advocate, Donate)
  8. Christian Freedom International: CFI has ministries focused on helping persecuted Christians in different areas of the world. (Learn, Pray, Advocate, Donate)
  9. ChinaAid: This ministry focuses on providing support to the persecuted church in China. (Write, Advocate, Donate, Learn)
  10. FRRME: The focus of this ministry is to help the persecuted church in the Middle East.(Pray, Donate)
  11. iCommitToPray: They are another ministry branched from Voice of the Martyrs. Their focus is to provide prayer requests from members of the persecuted church. (Pray)

Extreme Persecution Countries to Pray For

  1. North Korea: A totalitarian communist state where it is difficult to live as a believer or non-believer. Christians are arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and killed.
  2. Somalia: An Islamic country where Christians face violent hostility. Christians face persecution from Islamic militants, in particular, those who are converts from Islam.
  3. Afghanistan: In Afghanistan, Christian converts from Islam are persecuted, deprived of their possessions, sent to mental hospitals, and murdered.
  4. Pakistan: Another Islamic country where Christians are the targets of bombings, murder, abductions, and other extreme violent acts. Christian converts from Islam face more hardships.
  5. Sudan: A country under the Authoritarian rule of Al-Bashir. Arrests, attacks, and murder are hard for Christians to escape from in Sudan.
  6. Syria: Large areas of Syria are held by Islamic Militants including ISIS. Christians are vulnerable targets in the midsts of the war.
  7. Iraq: Christians are persecuted in Iraq, particularly those who come from an Islamic background. Radical Islamist groups exist in Iraq, including the group ISIS.
  8. Iran: Though Christians are said to be protected by the law in Iran, many are treated as second class citizens and persecuted.
  9. Yemen:  Christians in Yemen face threats from Islamic extremist groups. They face risks of persecution and ostracization.
  10. Eritrea: In Eritrea, Christian prisoners receive inhumane treatment. It is a known fact that Christians have been imprisoned in shipping containers and left to die.

You can learn more about persecution countries here.

Let’s lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer.

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”—Hebrew 13:3