6 Best Missionary Care Conferences to Attend

Missionary Care conferences are helpful tools within the Body of Christ and the Great Commission. Spreading the global mission of the church takes a team. The unreached need missionaries and missionaries need support, prayers, and care from local churches and individuals. Therefore, it is healthy for church members and believers to learn how to better care for missionaries to prevent burnout and premature return home.

What is missionary care? Missionary care is the provision of missionaries. This provision comes in many forms, such as prayer, financial support, encouragement, and providing opportunities for missionaries to rest. Missionaries have hard work and many challenges, such as language barriers, culture shock, homesickness, and an entirely new culture to become assimilated to. Consequently, missionaries need as much support and care from home and local churches as possible.

I have researched and compiled a list of 6 of the best missionary care conferences to attend, with the location and dates clearly listed. These conferences are multi-faceted. Each conference covers the same basic concept, yet they also specialize in certain areas. These conferences will help you in the care of your brothers and sisters who are in ministry. They can also be of aid to you if you are in a ministry position.


Note: Not all views and opinions stated by any of the following conferences fully represent the values, goals, or beliefs of Bethany Global University. However, we believe that the global Body of Christ offers insight into many areas. We can glean from other members of the overarching global church. If you are interested in learning more about our values or statement of faith, refer here.

The following list is in alphabetical order.

1. International Conference on Missions

The organization behind the International Conference on Missions believes that God has entrusted the care of missionaries to the local church. Local churches are the avenues that God uses to empower missionaries in effective and sustainable ministry work. Furthermore, they hold to the scriptural value that missionaries are to be connected to other believers, rather than doing their work alone.

The care of missionaries rests on preparation, remaining in connection with the church, and being received by the church. Ways for the church to support missionaries are through prayer, planning and discovering. The Missionary Care Catalyst hosts workshops and conferences.

  • This conference has been featured in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • The Missionary Care Catalysts team also has worked alongside this organization and visits many states during the year.
  • Conference and workshop dates and locations vary and have numerous available options.

More information about the International Conference of Missions can be found here. The Missionary care Catalyst team can be found on this website, as well as on facebook.

2. Mental Health and Missions Conference

The Mental Health and Missions Conference (MHM) is uniquely focused on the issues that missionaries involved in the mental health community face. The goal of the training is to equip and develop cross-cultural messengers of the gospel. This conference is to give insight and strategy for those who are currently caring for missionaries or for those who want to support missionaries. MHM is a place of mutual encouragement, professional development, intellectual stimulation, and personal refreshment.

Additionally, this conference can help missionaries grow in these areas and gain more wisdom in their own work. It can also help missionaries heal from past wounds or traumas before they go on the mission field. Listed below is some critical information that you will need to know before looking deeper into the ministry.

  • Located in Potawatomi Inn, in Angola, Indiana.
  • As of 2019, it occurs in November (may be subject to change).
  • This is a four day, three-night event.
  • The rate for a double room per person is $632.
  • For a single room, the rate is $787.
  • There is a student discount available.

Find further information, testimonials, and registration options here.

3. Midwest Conference on Missionary Care

The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care seeks to inform, inspire, and educate the global church for the overarching purpose of spreading the gospel cross-culturally. This includes pastors, leaders, mission coordinators and committee members, laity and any others who are supporting their fellow brothers and sisters in missions.

This conference recognizes that missionaries have many struggles and needs. Therefore, they equip the rest of the Body of Christ to effectively provide care and support for missionaries. The conference has covered topics such as rest, risk, and resilience. The teachings are based on Biblical principles, as well as experience from those who have been involved in global missions.

  • Located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) in Minnesota.
  • Local churches host the event each year, therefore, the location is subject to change.
  • This is an annual two-day event (typically in February).
  • Registration begins in the fall.
  • Lodging information is posted closer to the event. Currently, the lodging is outside of the conference in hotels.
  • There is a two-day pre-conference training available for churches that are involved with missionaries in high-risk areas.

Videos, audios, handouts, and powerpoints from previous conferences are available here. This same link will also lead you to registration and host information.

4. New Wineskins Missionary Network

The New Wineskin Missionary Network states that “one great way to participate in mission is to care for missions.” The conference has been taking place for the past 25 years. It involves both the going and the sending. However, it does focus on the fact that caring for missionaries is an important task because it can prevent burnout and premature return home.

Another way this organization equips believers is through extensive online resources. These help the Body of Christ in the global mission and caring for missionaries. There are downloadable documents, as well as books and audio recordings.

  • As of 2019, it is located in the Ridgecrest Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
  • The conference occurs every 3 years.
  • Every three years the date and location may change.
  • Keynote speakers from across the world are featured.
  • Over 60 workshops and 50 exhibitors are available.

Stay up to date on conference dates and locations here. Visit the homepage to find various resources and learn more about the organization.

5. PTM Conference

The PTM conference offers pastoral training in member care. This conference focuses on the care of all who are involved in global work, even those who serve on a local level. Sending agencies, and member care organizations all receive the opportunity and resources to develop shepherding skills and a network. Furthermore, pastors, clinical counselors, on-field workers, teachers, life coaches, organization heads, and church members also attend and glean from this conference.

  • Located at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, NC.
  • This occurs typically in September or October.
  • The pre-conference fee per couple is $350. For a single person, a private room costs $325. A single person shared room is $225. The commuter fee is $200.
  • The conference fee per couple is $800. The single person private room is $575. The single person shared room is $425. The commuter fee is $250.

Additional details, such as available speakers, workshops, schedules, FAQs, and travel information can be found here.

6. Trinity Church Missionary Care Conference

Trinity Church hosts a Missionary Care Conference that provides a venue of discussion, encouragement, and involvement. It also facilitates the development of growth, effectiveness, and sustainability for long-term missionaries. Discussions have included confidentiality, the practical needs of missionary families, and family crisis issues. Additionally, there is a care panel that allows for questions and answers.

  • The conference meets within Trinity Church in Redlands, California.
  • This is a one-day event that has taken place in February on a Sunday from 2:30-6:30 pm. (Date and time may be subject to change).
  • The cost is $15, this only covers the event. Lodging and travel expenses are separate and must be researched outside of the conference details.

Learn about Trinity Church here. Conference details are available here.