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The Devil Can’t Stop You — I Know Because I Should Be Dead


Written by Lillian Hunsberger

I value life.  I see life as a gift because I almost didn’t have one.

I never thought much of my story, but I’ve come to realize that I needed to tell it to people. Remind them that the devil can’t stop them. Though, he is certainly going to try.

“Just Abort Her”

“Just abort her.” Those words echoed in my parent’s ears after they escaped the doctor’s lips. He said I would be a “problem child”, meaning that I could be a paraplegic, special needs, or even stillborn.  Even just the words broke my parents’ hearts. All my father could ask is “Why?” He glanced over at my mother and took her shaky hand in his own. He held onto it as if trying to hold her from running away, though that didn’t stop her tears from sliding down her cheeks.’

Finally, the silence was broken. “No…” it was the only word that my dad was able to mutter. He shook his head, staring into the distance. “No, we’re keeping it.”

The amount of faith my parents had was more than enough to keep me alive. I still fought every day while I was in the womb until one day in late September, when I was born. Though this birth contained many complications, and I lived the first couple weeks of my life in a biliblanket; I grew a little stronger every day.

Your Life May Be Difficult 

Life is difficult. Sometimes, we need to go through those rough times in order to find the joy that rests in those mundane days. Or to see that we are strong enough when we rest in God’s hands. I’m positive you’ve been overwhelmed at times or thought about giving up.  But, you’ll be grateful for these hardships when they are history. When you are basking in the goodness that comes with overcoming those drawbacks, it will be worth it.

I’m speaking from experience. Problems have plagued me. But God has been the light through it all. He has given the ability in order to say “God is good”, even when life isn’t. The devil is going to try to stop you, he is going to hit you with storms. But you know what?  God calms seas.

We serve a God that is far mightier than the problems that come our way. When God’s got you, even the devil can’t stop you. And, honestly, that’s all we really need. “If God is with us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

God’s Got Me

The idea that someone wanted me gone has stuck with me all of my life. Surprisingly though, it’s not a negative thought. Instead, I see it as this: Satan knew I would be used in amazing ways by God. He was just trying to destroy me before God got the chance to work in and through me.

I always had a feeling that I could impact a life, or change the world with love or by being an anomaly of kindness. Yet, I became very aware that it was only through God that I was able to impact anyone’s life, let alone the world. So I ventured to follow a path in which I had no clue to where it leads, and instead, I trusted the One guiding me.

And He Has You Too

One thing for you to remember… you aren’t in control, and that’s a good thing. Look at the truth in Isaiah 55, “God ways are not our ways”. God isn’t here to hurt you. He wants the best for you, and His plan is built according to that thought process.

We just need to strive in order to see how God’s plan could be better than the one that we have thought up. You might not be able to see where you’re headed — a lot of the time we can’t. But I assure you, God knows.

He’s holding your hand and breathing life into you. He’s shining His light into the darkest corners of your mind. So hold tight to Him and His love, knowing that He will never leave you. The devil must flee, for God is with you (James 4:7). The devil can’t stop you. No uncertainty, no broken dreams, no fear of the future can keep you from Him. He is with you always. Trust Him. Believe. And let Him lead you where you need to be, but remember, that doesn’t always mean where you want to be.

The Devil Can’t Stop Me

The same fight from when I was a baby has continued to today. The devil wanted me gone. He wants me gone. And he has done everything he can to try to stop me from getting where I am today. There has been a lot of heartbreak, a lot of sicknesses, a lot of struggling from my first breath until now. He wakes me up doubting if this is where I belong, puts me to bed with worries about the future; causes my mind to wander in the moments of silence. And there are countless events that happened in life that have set me back.

But, that doesn’t change my mindset about God. God is still good. Of course, some days it’s hard to believe this. But, God has a way of showing me that with His strength, I can overcome all.

One thing that I’ve come to realize is that the devil is always gonna want to take me out. The devil sees my potential and fears me. He cowers knowing that the strength within comes from God, who is so much stronger than him. Satan is going to fight for me, but even through the pain God is telling me, “I have you; together we can impact the world”.

The Devil Can’t Stop You Either

You see, God has been shaping me since day one of my life. And I know He’s doing the same for you. He’s molding you through every situation in order for Him to receive the most glory from your life. Sometimes that means struggles come your way, sometimes that means that you aren’t going to understand how in the midst of hardships that God is at work. But He is. Someone once said some pretty wise words, and because of them I have never doubted the ability of God:

Only God can turn, a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory. God is good… all the time.

God exclaims in 2 Corinthians 12:8 that His grace is enough, and that His power is made perfect in weakness. He doesn’t shy from your pain or fear “the impossible”. He takes it as a time in which He can show up when absolutely no one else can. So go, do God’s will. Strive to please Him and not live for the applause of this world. Yes, there are going to be struggles and hardships, but God is still there. God is still at work. God will use you against all odds for His good purpose, no matter how the devil (or anyone else) fights it. Because in the end… the devil can’t stop you.

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