Missionary Skills

Four Practical Skill Sets Missionaries Can Use Overseas


Written by Mayra Palomino

At Bethany Global University, our primary goal is taking the church to where it is not. Through our Double Majors, BGU equips students with a strong Biblical Theology and Intercultural Ministry Studies foundation. Adding to this, BGU seeks to further equip students to make a difference in the world by providing four optional minors enriched with assets that are valuable on the Missions Field.

Early Childhood Education/Montessori

One of the minors offered at Bethany Global University is Early Childhood Education. BGU understands that throughout the world, there are millions of children who are orphaned, live in poverty or have fallen victims to human trafficking. This minor equips students to work with children, help them recover, learn important life skills, and bring Christ’s light into their lives. Having a certificate in Montessori opens up doors into countries that are difficult to access, and gears students up to open schools in locations that have not been reached by the gospel. See Childhood Education as a major.

Social Justice

The Social Justice minor at Bethany Global University equips future missionaries to empower those who are overcoming social hardships such as abuse, discrimination, and human trafficking. They learn to see the world through God’s eyes and how to overcome injustice by speaking the life of Christ into the world around them. It provides a unique opportunity to shine God’s light into the darkest places of societies.


With a TEFL minor, students are equipped with certification to teach English overseas, opening up a door to share the gospel with individuals in other cultures and train missionaries around the globe. It provides a breakthrough in language barriers and a chance to use biblical educational resources to minister and teach English as you build relationships in the culture you feel called to.


The Business minor at Bethany Global University trains students on how to become successful social entrepreneurs and use business as a gateway to missions. The minor teaches students how to develop new ways to aid and bring out the potential in individuals struggling with poverty and other socioeconomic problems. They bring a new hope into the lives of others by sharing their Christ-like character through biblical business foundations and servant leadership qualities. See Business as a major.

Whether you are passionate about Business or Social Justice, BGU can help take you one step closer to fulfilling God’s mandate for your life, assisting you as you learn more about His heart for the nations and how you can contribute to making an impact in the world.

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