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Missionary Training

The Top 13 Missionary Training Schools


Written by Evelyn Oliver

In order to share the Gospel overseas, we need to be prepared. I am currently attending Bethany Global University, a missionary training school, and decided to research best missionary schools.

What are missionary training schools? Missionary training schools are schools that specialize in training people with a desire to share the gospel all around the world. Missionary training schools prepare students for the mission field through education in the Bible and theology. Many training schools offer degrees such as education, business, or intercultural studies.

Below is a list of thirteen missionary training schools that specialize in helping their students be ready to share the gospel cross-culturally. Each school has different specialties.

1. Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University is a mission-minded university. They offer a four-year program in which you can earn an accredited degree and gain experience in the missions field.

Bethany Global University is oriented in a way to help you learn, give you opportunities to serve, and prepare you for missions.

Bethany Global University is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The first two years students live and take classes on campus. After the first two years, students go overseas for a sixteen-month internship.

After sixteen-month internship students return to complete their education and graduate with an accredited degree.

They currently offer three bachelor’s degrees, Transformational Entrepreneurship in Mission, Intercultural Ministry Studies, and Education in missions.

They also offer Associate of Arts in Intercultural Ministry, a certificate in Bible and Missions, and a certificate in pre-field preparation.

Bethany Global University offers both amazing missionary training with hands-on experience, and you can earn your degree.

Bethany Global University prepares its students to go overseas to share the Gospel.

To find more information about missionary training courses & resources – click here.

2. Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions offers a five-month in-depth program to help prepare those working cross-culturally both overseas and stateside.

They aim to help their students have not only head knowledge but to grow in personal character and in hands-on experience.

Although their program is not a degree program they are partnered with Crown College, Eternity Bible College, and Covenant Theological Seminary to give credits and offer continued learning.

They are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Richmond, Virginia. Their program is not aimed at a specific group but at anyone who wants to live with a mission.

They encourage high school and college graduates as well as young adults, families, and those retiring to attend and learn how to make a difference in God’s kingdom.

They focus on the head, heart, and hands of missions.

This includes twelve to fifteen hours each week of cross-cultural ministry, accountability groups, and twenty hours each week in the classroom focusing on relevant topics.

3. Ethnos 360 Bible Insitute

Ethnos 360 Bible Institute is a two-year Bible school with a strong vision for reaching the world with the Gospel.

They are apart of the bigger organization Ethnos 360, formally known as New Tribes Mission.

Ethnos 360 wants its students to be equipped to go cross-culturally and share the gospel.

Their three main emphasizes are the Bible, missions, and discipleship.

Classes for Ethnos 360 Bible Institute happen in Waukesha, Wisconsin or students can opt fot their online course.

They have small classes to help create deep personal relationships. All staff work as missionaries through Ethnos 360, raising funds to teach at the Ethnos 360 Bible Institute.

Through the two years at Ethnos 360 Bible Institute, their students go through the whole Bible chronologically.

Other classes that take place are hermeneutics, evangelism, anthropology, hamartiology, and more.

4. Sunset International Bible Institute

Sunset International Bible Institute offers a six-month program that trains those going onto the mission field. They desire to help properly equip those who wish to make a difference by sharing the gospel overseas.

Their vision is to first glorify God by being disciples, but then go out and help lead others to Christ and disciple them. They want to see teams who will go and plant churches and help them grow.

They are located in Lubbock, Texas.

With more than a century of experience, they want to help others in their missions work. Each class offered is taught by those who have had hands-on experience.

They help those going on the missions field in every aspect from preparing you to work with your team, to help you raise funds.

Courses that they offer include Evangelism on the Mission Field, Holistic Ministry, Mission Partnership / Fund-Raising, Doctrinal Encounter, Cross-Cultural Preaching, Mental Health on the Mission Field, Gospel and Culture, Developing Teams and Resolving Conflict, and many more.

5. Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission, or YWAM is a six-month discipleship training program that helps you discover your role in the church while working cross-culturally.

There is classroom learning, small groups, personal reflection, community, and practical serving.

YWAM is structured in a way that offers lecture-style learning for three months, and then an outreach phase.

YWAM has locations all over the world for both phases. They work in North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Each location also has many areas in which to serve, from children and youth to sports and media.

The first half of the discipleship training program happens in a classroom, it is geared to help students grow deeper in their faith and grow in community in addition to knowing God and his word better.

The second phase, outreach, happens overseas where students get to use what they learned in the first three months to share the Good News of Jesus and love people.

6. Steiger Missions School

Steiger Missions School, a part of Steiger International and offers a ten-week program to help equip people called to reach the Global Youth Culture for Christ.

They help train those from any number of places and backgrounds who want to see revival in the youth of today by powerfully engaging with them.

Steiger Missions School is located in Krogis, Germany.

They help prepare their students specifically to reach the youth who are religiously unaffiliated and to reach those who are apart of the Global Youth Culture who focus on man as the center of truth, not God.

They offer classes and other opportunities to grow in areas such as Personal Spiritual Development, Presenting Jesus to the Global Youth Culture, Faith and Contemporary Culture, and Biblical Understanding.

In addition, they offer opportunities to serve in the local European cities and opportunities after completing the ten weeks with Steiger International.

7. Radius International

Radius International is a missionary training school equipped to help those who want to plant Church specifically in unreached people groups.

They help train their students to be effective in a cross-cultural scenario.

Their training centers are located in Mexico to learn in a culturally diverse location. They train those going cross-culturally in understanding and teaching the gospel clearly, to help equip those going overseas to effectively share the Gospel.

Radius International teach their students about language acquisition, culture acquisition, church planting, biblical foundations, character development, and ministry practice and skills.

They focus on Gospel clarity, understanding the gospel, and being able to communicate it in another language.

Radius International seeks Plant Churches where there are none, partner with the evangelical community, living out the gospel, and being fluent in the language and the culture of the community you are in.

8. Institute for Cross-Cultural Training

Institute for Cross-Cultural Training through Wheaton College equips Christians who are called to serve cross-culturally.

Wheaton College and Insitute for Cross-Cultural Training both have the aim to do everything for Christ and his Kingdom.

Institute for Cross-Cultural Training is located on the Wheaton College campus in Wheaton, Illinois, and now they offer online classes as well.

They have those working cross-culturally all over the world, and have worked with over forty non-profit organizations in the past year.

There are many classes they offer, including a second language acquisition course, a cross-cultural communications course, ESL teaching courses, and workshops.

They also have a language coach course and other helpful resources when preparing to serve cross-culturally.

Institute for Cross-Cultural Training has many other shorter classes and courses.

They offer online workshops for people all over to participate in and grow in language acquisition skills and other cross-cultural learning.


Orient is a two-week training time offered through Train International. They give both in-class instruction as well as a wilderness expedition to help you grow and learn in new situations.

Orient happens in Eminence, Missouri.

The first week of training is held outdoors where students get to sharpen their skills in areas such as conflict resolution, problem-solving, leadership skills, and more.

The second week is in a classroom offering instruction and group discussion.

Topics covered in the classroom include dealing with the unexpected, developing healthy relationships, managing stress, adapting to cross-cultural settings, and more.

Orient wants to see missionaries go out onto the field being prepared for the challenges they will face.

They work to help successfully launch missionaries around the world to share the Gospel.

They want to help keep missionaries on the field for longer. Missionaries appropriately trained will be more prepared for issues on the mission field, helping them be more effective in sharing the Gospel and staying on the missions field longer.

10. All Nations

All Nations is a college that is dedicated to training students for cross-cultural ministry. They are a diverse campus with students from all over the world, and instructors with experience in cross-culture ministry.

All Nations is located in Hertfordshire, England.

They have places to live on campus, as well as living locally. They want to equip men, women, and family to effectively live out the great commission cross-culturally.

There are now online options for classes and courses as well, giving their students the opportunity to study all over the world.

They offer many choices for education, they have a bachelor’s degree program, En Route courses, postgraduate, short courses, and online classes and courses.

In all these programs they value community, worship, serving, and relaxing.

A deeper understanding of the Bible and understanding culture all over the world are some of the important aspects that are taught at All Nations. They aim to help their students become effective wherever they are going overseas.

11. Compass

Compass is a month-long program that aims to help equip those who are going to do long-term cross-cultural ministry.

They teach practical skills needed for the missions field, understanding how to learn a new language, and preparation for personal growth and healthy relationships.

They are located in Palmer Lake, Colorado. They are prepared to help those going cross-culturally by talking with those who were already overseas to learn what is needed most in missionary training.

Compass helps its students in many ways. They specialize in helping students learn skills that will help with their language learning overseas.

They also teach their students to be ready for cross-cultural life.

Compass helps their students grow in many areas to be fully equipped for the missions field.

12. Missions Discipleship Training

Missions Discipleship Training, put on by Operation Mobilization and is a five to six-month mission experience that helps its students learn while serving overseas.

They aim to help their students learn and grow in a practical way, learning while serving. Students come from all over the world creating an even more culturally diverse experience.

Operation Mobilization has opportunities around the world to participate in Missions Discipleship Training.

They have programs in South Africa, Zambia, Germany, Turkey, Moldova, Romania, Ghana, Ireland, and the UK. Each location also offers opportunities to serve in different areas, growing different skills.

Through this mission experience and training, you will gain skills important as Christians for the rest of your life.

You will get to share your faith and help others, all while learning to adapt to a different culture. This experience helps their students fully understand what they believe and why.

Everything is taught through Biblical values, helping you grow in many ways.

13. Impact

Impact is a two-week program that helps those planning on going overseas for missions. Impact is a part of Missions Prep an organization that works to train effective cross-cultural missionaries.

They offer classes to help their students be ready for the missions field in addition to spiritual, personal, and interpersonal growth.

Impact training occurs in Guelph, Ontario. They teach about the cultural changes that will occur including culture shock and the Gospel in a cross-cultural context.

They help their students learn more about themselves and their personality types, as well as connections with other people.

Impact also teaches on the spiritual aspect of missions including spiritual warfare, spiritual vitality while living cross-culturally, and other topics.

Through the Impact course, there are instructors from cross-cultural backgrounds.

Impact is also located where there is a large cross-cultural population giving many opportunities to grow in personal experience.

Throughout this experience Impact hopes to help its students grow biblically, spiritually, and to be more confident in cross-cultural situations.

Each college above has a desire to help their students complete the great commission as stated in Matthew 28.

They all want their students to be prepared to share the gospel in any context and to effectively make disciples in many different cultures.

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20

Being properly equipped to share the Gospel throughout the world is vital.

We can only share with others what we know. If we are not knowledgeable about Scripture and God, then we will have a hard time communicating it to others.

There are many obstacles that arise in the missions field since it will most likely be a completely different culture with a different way of life.

We cannot expect to be able to understand and work through new cultures and languages without the right skills. By attending a missionary training college, you will be more prepared to go overseas and engage in ministry cross-culuturally.

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