Missionary Training

Using Local Outreach To Prepare For Global Evangelism


Written by Mayra Palomino

world evangelismBGU is about hands-on learning, so every student is involved in a weekly local outreach to sharpen their ministry skills through practical experience.

The most popular outreach: Street Level – an evangelism team that shares the love of Christ to strangers in downtown Minneapolis, the Mall of America, the University of Minnesota,… anywhere there are large crowds of people.

Below, Mayra share’s how Street Level is helping her gain the confidence she needs to be an effective witness for Jesus.

Enter Mayra:

Street Level can be exciting, but it can also be terrifying. We are given the opportunity by God to impact the lives of people and bring them to know the Living God, but it can be intimidating to share your faith with someone. God has shown me to learn to trust him. Alone, I am awful at evangelism, I just don’t have the social or conversational skills. Yet every time I stop focusing on myself: my fear, what I’m going to say, and how I’m going to approach someone, and instead focus my full trust on God and rely on what he is going to say through me, things change. I go from being this shy, quiet person, to being confident by the power of the Holy Spirit, ready to speak to anyone God leads me to.


One of my most astounding experiences was with a girl named Feng who is an international Buddhist student from China. Just as we began to talk with her, she shared with us that just a few days ago, she had attended her first bible study. It was awe-inspiring to see how perfect this encounter was. As if God led us right to her.

Earlier that evening, when we slid into our vehicles to head to outreach, I found a little ‘Time to Revive’ card on my car seat when I had been about to sit down. The little card had verses on it, explaining the gospel. I felt that I was supposed to use it during outreach, but I didn’t know for what until we talked with Feng.

I took out the little card I had placed in my purse and walked to sit on the ground next to her. As I did, God began to place words in my mouth. It was incredible. God led me to share my testimony and the gospel with her, and my team and I let her know that our meeting with her was not a coincidence, but that God was pursuing her because of how important she is to Him.

It was a beautiful encounter. I am thankful for my team that night. They were very encouraging and helped me share the gospel with Feng.

We wrap up the evening by praying for Feng and for the other people we had encountered that night.

In street level, I have learned how to overcome fears and trust God, I have learned to work in a team with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I have learned the beauty of seeing people through God’s eyes. All things that can’t be fully understood in a classroom. 

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