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Community Life

Bethany Global Universities campus is lively and full a diverse group of people. There are students and faculty, but there are also missionaries on furlough, retired missionaries, and a few other programs that you will be doing life with while you are on campus.


The academic faculty at BGU is made of teachers, doctors, and professors who have a wealth of knowledge that comes from both formal training and personal experience. The majority of our faculty members have spent an extended period of time on the mission field and are well-equipped with stories to tell and knowledge to share.

Staff Photo


Each BGU staff member is wholly committed to seeing students thrive with a passion for Jesus Christ and a desire to see the unreached reached. Whether working behind the scenes or directing students from the stage, every member makes an intentional and valuable contribution to the life of our students.


Imagine some of your mentors being on the field for 10 years. Now what if they were in ministry for the past 50 years? Our campus has a deep well of knowledge because of all the retired missionaries who live on campus. For years they have given their lives for the gospel and now they are back on campus to breathe wisdom and guidance to you. They will be the grandpas and grandmas to you and the rest of the students. They will share epic stories that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder the deep things of God, all while eating a meal together.

LEAD Venture

LEAD Venture is a gap-year program that allows college-age people to grow in leadership, evangelism, and discipleship. The participants live on campus—in the same dorms with BGU students. Students and participants have many opportunities to have fellowship and become life-long friends.

Beyond Limits

The Beyond Limits program at BGU works to teach college-age students with disabilities valuable life skills and to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. The Beyond Limits students are a valued part of BGU’s community, and they never fail to bring a smile to our faces!

Others On Campus

As a student, you will have the privilege of meeting and learning from visitors who spend time at BGU. The Bethany family reaches far beyond the corners of our campus—including people from all parts of the world. Missionaries and church leaders often spend time at BGU, giving students the opportunity to learn from a primary source about what it is like to live for the sake of the gospel in the context of world-missions.