Want to explore BGU? Join us for Campus Preview Weekend on April 13 - 15.

Campus Preview Weekend

You might think this is a weekend for prospective students (it is), but the whole campus prepares and get’s involved for these few short days. Campus Preview Weekend provides a chance for students to love, serve, and share the missions culture of the campus with those who want to experience Bethany Global University for themselves.

You will have a chance to share your dorm room, meals, worship time, and other activities with a group of aspiring missionaries. It’s a time when you can practice hospitality and welcome some outsiders into the family. You will have a chance to share your story and experience at BGU.

Who knows, one of those prospective students could be your room mate next year …

Event Activities

  • Engaging sessions
  • Worship
  • Missions Experience (also known as “International Dinner”
  • Life Group Activity
  • Campus tours
  • Open Dorm Night

What Students Are Saying

The energy of Campus Preview Weekend was so encouraging! Everyone was just happy to be there and the events were very fun. The amazing Race was a great way to get to know prospective students”
Megan M, Freshman Student

It was such a blessing to meet the prospective students and begin getting to know them over the few days they were here”
Sarah E, Freshman Student

Campus Preview Weekend Photos