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The Forge

Forge – [fawrj, fohrj] verb (used with object), forged, forging.
To form by heating and hammering; beat into shape.

You’ve seen it before. In a movie perhaps.

In sweltering hut, a blacksmith pulls a glowing metal rod out of a furnace and places it on an anvil to hammer to shape it at will. The heating and forging is repeated until the metal is perfectly shaped and strengthened to fulfill its purpose.

This fun, but challenging event is design to be a forge for your emotions and will strengthen your team work skills. Teams are challenged with a combination of physical, mental, and emotional games to test their limits. Throughout the event coaches are beside you to help you push past your own limits and achieve more than you thought was possible.

(The Forge is an annual event and takes place in conjunction with The Furnace event. Students choose between the two events each year.)

Event Activities

  • Puzzels
  • Physical exercises
  • Running
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Relay races
  • Riddles

What Students Are Saying

The Forge was great. It gave me an opportunity to be a leader … I loved that there were both physical and mental challenges meant to help us grow in our ability to work with a team.”
—Kaylee H.

“The Forge gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you come face to face with your weaknesses.”
—Nolan Xiong, BGU Freshman

Forge Photos