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Christians are called to live in a way that glorifies God. At BGU, students are held accountable to following our community standards and acting in a Christlike manner. For that reason, we have a system of credits used to keep accountability at the university.


We believe that our students thrive on the freedom to make their own choices and decisions. If a student proves that they are not mature or responsible enough to handle the freedom they are given, leadership will step in by placing more specific rules and guidelines in that student’s life. Our heart is to see our students become mature, responsible adults who walk in the grace, freedom, and joy that we have in Jesus Christ.


At the beginning of each quarter, students receive five credits that act as a buffer for students to miss any program requirements outside of class or Practical Training. These credits may be used at the student’s discretion and will be automatically deducted when the student’s absence is reported. If all five credits are used during one eight-week quarter,  the student will accumulate marks that lead to disciplinary action. More information on this credit system can be found in the Student Handbook.


The credit system applies to a specific list of required campus functions/rules.

Any violations of the handbook policies may result in the use of a
credit or the accrual of a mark as determined by the deans. More information on these campus policies and more can be found in the Student Handbook.