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Having mentors who you can look up to is important for your spiritual maturity. At BGU, there are many on campus who offer great friendship, leadership, and advice. Our Student Life Advisors, Mentors, Deans, and Practical Training Supervisors invest their time into seeing your life be more fruitful and your faith becoming more mature.

As Kenneth Otiz mentions in his TEDx video above on mentorship (a big part of discipleship) is that it takes TIME. Because of this BGU has created multiple roles to help students grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Student Life Advisor

A Student Life Advisor is an experienced leader who has displayed emotional, spiritual, and social maturity. These student leaders seek to improve your BGU experience by walking beside you through all of the trials and challenges life will throw at you, and helping you work through those. Along with offering guidance and wisdom, they also facilitate life groups and oversee day-to-day dorm life.


Mentors help disciple our students or ensure that the student is being discipled by someone. Mentors may connect with students in a deeper way. They also hold our Student Life Advisors accountable to having godly leadership and maintaining clean dorm areas.


Our staff is not only committed to seeing students thrive academically but also in every area of life. As they strive to give students guidance and encouragement, staff members make it very clear that they genuinely care for and love each student. Two people whose jobs are specifically committed to this idea of mentorship are Derek Brokke (Dean of Men) and Bethany Freire (Dean of Women). Their specific responsibilities include communicating academic and social policies from the handbook, meeting with students, and overseeing the day-to-day welfare of their students—to name a few.

PT Supervisor

As part of our tuition-paid model, each student works an on-campus job that is assigned by the BGU staff. There are positions available in almost every department for these Practical Training assignments and their perspective supervisor guides each student through them. The job of a PT Supervisor is to ensure that the students are doing their best on and off the job. They seek to promote a standard of excellence and a healthy work ethic in every student by assigning tasks, assisting students in fulfilling them, and completing evaluations of the student each semester.