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Worship and Chapels

Three times per week, students gather to worship, listen to preaching, and hear BGU announcements. All of our on-campus students get together for these hour-long events: Student Development, All Bethany Chapel, and Prayer and Worship Chapel.

Student Development

Every Monday morning, students come together for Student Development during which important announcements and information are communicated from the Student Government and Bethany Global University staff. In addition to announcements, each Student Development session has a teaching on topics regarding spiritual growth, social maturity, and a disciplined lifestyle.

All Bethany Chapel

Every Tuesday afternoon, all of Bethany International (on campus) comes together for worship, a message, and announcements. This includes students, faculty, retirees, Beyond Limits, LEAD, Ministry Interns, staff, etc.

Prayer and Worship Chapel

Every Friday afternoon, students and faculty gather together as a community for Worship Chapel. This hour-long chapel is entirely dedicated to worship (which is led by one of our chapel worship teams) and prayer.

Worship Teams

During each Tuesday and Friday chapel, we have a time of worship that is led by one of our campus worship teams. These teams are made up of staff and students alike. Students who are gifted musically are encouraged to join a worship team to grow as a musician and worship leader. We believe that the Holy Spirit has entrusted Bethany students with incredible gifts to be used for His glory and it is our desire to encourage and develop those gifts during your time here. Students will also have the opportunity to join teams for both Intercession and Devotional times of worship in our prayer room, the Furnace.