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How to Hear the Voice of God

Have you ever wanted to hear God’s voice to understand His will for your life? Have you ever needed to make a choice wanted to know what God thought? Ken Freire asked similar questions and now has a framework he would like to share with you to help you understand what it means to hear God’s voice, how to discern His will, and how to validate what God is saying to you.

Course Topics Include:

  • What is the Will of God Anyway?
  • Guidance vs. Direction
  • Positioning Your Hear and Preparing Your Mind
  • Petitioning God
  • Discerning His Voice

Course Lessons: 9
Prerequisites: none
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: Free

About the Author


Ken Freire – BS in Biblical Studies from Liberty University; M.Div from Regent University. Has 7 years of experience with leadership development. Has trained over 400 men and women in leadership. Has taught apologetics for several years. He is the Assistant Director of the LEAD Internship and the Dean of Work Education at Bethany Global University.