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Power Of Prayer In Missions

In this course, you will learn about prayer and it’s effect on missions. Throughout history, great missions movements have been sparked by prayer meetings. Discover how they started and what you can be praying for to spark the next awakening.

Course Topics Include:

  • History of Prayer Movements
  • Different Types of Prayer
  • What God is Doing With Prayer Today
  • How Prayer Impacts Missions

Course Lessons: 12
Prerequisites: none
Duration: 60 minutes

About the Author

Eric Simmons

Eric Simmons – Eric is the Prayer & Worship Coordinator for Bethany International and the Director of the “Furnace Prayer Room” located on the campus of Bethany Global University. Eric earned a Christian Ministry Diploma in House of Prayer Leadership from the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, MO and then later served as an intercessory missionary and worship leader at the International House of Prayer for more than four years. He also served two years as the Youth Department Worship Director at Hillsong Phoenix.