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Create Spiritual & Social Impact Through Entrepreneurship

With the realities of sweeping world change, modern missionaries are finding creative ways to let the light of Christ shine brightly. At Bethany Global University we are launching a new program that will teach you how to not only transform lives, but influence societies through entrepreneurship.

We are proud to introduce our second major: Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Entrepreneurship. This new major includes an additional major in Bible & Theology to form a double major.

This program is a compilation of Bible, theology, intercultural studies, business, and liberal arts classes to help you think critically, live godly, adapt to other cultures quickly, and start businesses in difficult environments. This degree blends learning in a classroom with hands-on experience in one of our 16-month Global Internship locations overseas.

Learn How to Transform: 


Media often paints a bad picture of business, but to sell something is truly a noble task. To sell is to create value where there might have been none before. Through Transformational Entrepreneurship, you will learn how to discover value and turn that value into profit that brings transformation to the community and society.


While profit is a driving factor for business, the true bottom line is transformed lives. Transformational Entrepreneurship is very much a program for those who are called to bring the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. With this program, you will learn how to integrate business and ministry to see lives transformed.


Through Christ, you can influence a whole society and this degree will help you not only bring economic and spiritual change, but will give you critical thinking skills you need to understand and influence the different building blocks that make up a society.

What You’ll Learn


To many missionaries, business is a means to support themselves financially or a reason for a visa into closed country, but for the Transformational Entrepreneurship program starting businesses is a core focus. You will learn how to uncover opportunities, prototype products/services, launch businesses, and scale those businesses. Throughout the program, you will be challenged with hands-on projects to build hard skills in sales, budgeting, teamwork, and marketing.

Here is a sampling of the entrepreneurship classes:

  • Entrepreneurship 1: Developing Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-up
  • Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship 4: Finance & Profitability
  • Business Communications
  • Sales & Marketing

Bible & Theology

A thorough understanding of the Bible and theology is vital to being an effective missionary. So much so, that 30 credit hours are required in this area and you will receive the additional major in Bible & Theology. Through these courses, as well as the discipleship aspects built into the program, you will grow stronger spiritually, learn how to walk in victory over sin through the power of the cross, and build the foundational understanding you will need to disciple others in their faith.

Here is a sampling of the Bible & Theology classes:

  • Old and New Testament Surveys
  • Hermeneutics and Exegetical Skills
  • Theology
  • Telling God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation
  • Practical Theology

Intercultural Studies

Learn how to quickly identify what makes cultures different so that you can work along side and reach others that may think, feel, and act very differently from you. Every culture has it’s norms and learning how to fit into them is one of the key skills an effective entrepreneur (even more so for missionaries). The key skills you will learn in intercultural studies will be research, language learning, contextualization, and intercultural social skills.

Here is a sampling of the intercultural studies classes:

  • Intro to Ethnographic Research
  • Religious Systems and Structures
  • Language Classes (Specific to your Global Internship location)
  • Sociology
  • Missionary Life Practicum

World View & Liberal Arts

To transform societies you will be taught how to discern the variety of different world views found in societies as well as what drives them. Every society is a mixture of sociology, economics, government, science, arts, and literature; so BGU’s Transformational Entrepreneurship degree program will cover the liberal arts subjects through a lens of missions to extend your influence.

Here is a sampling of the liberal arts classes:

  • Economics
  • Government & Law
  • Biology
  • Arts/Literature
  • Philosophy of Math & Physics
  • Psychology

“The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.”

—Francis A. Schaeffer

What You’ll Do

Two Years of Practical Training on Campus

While on campus, you will spend two years in BGU’s Practical Training program where you will not only work to pay for your tuition but gain practical entrepreneurship skills as well. BGU is part of the larger missions organization Bethany International and you will play a vital role in its mission to take the church to where it’s not through one of a variety of roles.

Weekly Outreach During Your First Two Years On Campus

Once a week you will join your class in one of BGU’s BOLD Outreaches to practice ministry hands-on. There are a variety of ministries BGU works with within the Twin Cities to choose from.

16 Months of Missions Training Overseas

Through BGU’s Global Internship program, you will spend 16 months working alongside missionaries and entrepreneurs to gain valuable skills overseas while you continue your studies online. On the field, you will learn how to learn language, culture, and societies.

The best part:
This degree program is Tuition-Paid

Your tuition is paid through a combination of grants and tuition waivers.