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11 Missionary College Scholarships You Can Apply For


Written by Avery Rimiller

Finding a scholarship can be difficult and frustrating, especially when you’re a Christian who’s looking for opportunities to pursue God’s call on their life for missions without going into a lot of debt.

Despite the difficulty, however, we are God’s children and He knows what we need. He will provide for us whether it’s through miracles or through missionary college scholarships.

Where can you apply for a missionary college scholarship? You can apply for missionary scholarships at 11 different missionary colleges and scholarship foundations that I found for you:

  1. The Christian Connector Scholarship
  2. Randall University Christian Ministry Scholarships
  3. Liberty University Missionary Kid Scholarship
  4. Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
  5. San Diego Christian College DHML Scholarship
  6. Colorado Christian University Scripture Memorization Scholarship
  7. Colorado Christian University World Changers Scholarship
  8. United Church of Christ Scholarship
  9. Foundation for College Christian Leaders Scholarship
  10. Biola University Missionary Scholarship
  11. Wheaton College North American Missionary Scholarship

Let’s look in-depth into these scholarships.

1. The Christian Connector Scholarship

The Christian Connector is a great resource for Christians and aspiring ministry leaders and missionaries to apply for scholarships.

One of their scholarships is a drawing for $2,500. To apply, students simply fill out a quick form.

This form only asks for information about previous education, the region of the college the student is planning to attend, and what majors they will be pursuing.

It takes less than five minutes and is a quick chance to receive $2,500 to go towards your Christian education.

For a more reliable search, however, Christian students can sign up to receive information about specific colleges their interested in and exclusive scholarship offers.

To sign up for these offers or learn more about the Christian Connector Scholarship, click here.

2. Randall University Christian Ministry Scholarships

Randall University has a Dr. Thomas L. Marberry Christian Scholarship that allows it’s students (who are Christian Ministry majors) to apply for a full-tuition scholarship.

The course is valued at over $40,000 covers the cost of the full tuition, though books, fees, room and board, and other additional costs are not included.

The Dr. Thomas L. Marberry scholarship is for undergraduates only and is not compatible with other previously received scholarships.

Randall University holds missions and ministry in high regard at their institution so applicants are expected to show God’s calling on their life and are passionate about pursuing it.

Recipients of this scholarship must represent the school at fire volunteer events for each semester they are enrollered,

They also need their pastor to sign the Student in Ministry Verification Form each year.

Students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher to be able to keep their eligibility for the scholarship.

Another scholarship at Randall University that’s on the smaller side is their Church Tuition Assistance Program. With this scholarship, Randall will match an amount up to $300 each semester that your home church pledges to you.

The Church Tuition Assistance Scholarship is easy to apply for, and only requires students to have their pastors fill out a Pastoral Recommendation form, make a GPA of 2.00 or higher, and ask their church to support them.

Overall, the scholarships at Randall University are extremely valuable and a great opportunity for prospective students who want to pursue missions and ministry.

To apply to one of these scholarships at Randall University, click here.

3. Liberty University Missionary Kid Scholarship

The Liberty University Missionary Kid Scholarship is for incoming freshmen whose parents are missionaries on the field outside of the United States or on furlough.

To be eligible, students must be under 24 years of age, a dependent, and be enrolled for all four years on campus, as well as maintain a GPA of 2.50 or higher.

The amount of the scholarship covers the student’s full or partial tuition, not including room and board and other fees, and is determined by the student’s merit, financial need, and essay submission.

Keep in mind that the application itself takes one hour and is highly competitive.

If you’re a missionary kid looking to serve God and pursue college, this scholarship could be a game-changer.

If you’d like to apply for the Liberty University Missionary Kid Scholarship, click here.

4. Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

The Christian Missionary Foundation exists to help missionary kids receive an education that propels them towards the missions field without having to worry about finances and debt.

This scholarship covers various amounts of a student’s tuition based on their financial needs and merits and especially helps those who are planning on studying within the medical field.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must show proof of their parents’ missional work and financial sacrifices, as well as attend one of these six colleges:

  • Calvin University (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Dordt University (Sioux Center, IA)
  • Hope College (Holland, MI)
  • Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Trinity Christian College (Palos Heights, IL)
  • Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL)

Aside from the normal requirements on the application form, something to note is that on this scholarship application, students must fill out a 500-word essay question about their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how He has impacted them.

This is a great resource to jump on for missionary kids who want to study as one of the six colleges above.

If you’d like to apply for the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, click here.

5. San Diego Christian College DHML Scholarship

At San Diego Christian College, students can choose to apply to be a part of the Dr. Henry Morris Leadership Program where they will get the unique ability to study and serve alongside a cohort of other students and leaders.

If students choose to follow this route and are accepted into the college, they can also apply for the Dr. Henry Morris Leadership Scholarship, which covers various amounts of their tuition.

These amounts are based upon the college’s interview weekend where students will be interviewed on their leadership skills and share their heart about changing the world for Christ.

Upon solely attending the weekend event, students will receive a $1,000 scholarship and get a chance to renew their scholarship for each of the four years of their time on campus.

Requirements for this scholarship include turning in the correct forms by their due date which can be found on their website.

To qualify for this scholarship you must have:

  • minimum SAT score of 900
  • GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • minimum ACT score of 19.

Don’t forget to fill out the FAFSA form as well.

But aside from the tedious forms and transcripts, this leadership program and scholarship is an incredible opportunity for students to learn and grow and make an impact for God’s Kingdom.

If you’d like to apply to San Diego Christian College’s DHML Scholarship, click here.

6. Colorado Christian Univerity Scripture Memorization Scholarship

Colorado Christian University (CCU) holds God’s Word in very high esteem, they grant varying scholarship amounts to students who memorize different books of the Bible.

You heard right, those are books of the Bible, not just verses.

The longer the book, the more money for the scholarship.

For example, if students were to memorize the book of Ephesians, they would win $600. If they memorized Genesis, on the other hand, they could receive $7,000.

Scripture scholarships can be accessed for a student’s three years at the school and are one time awards, for instance, students cannot choose to recite the same book they memorized beforehand.

The applicants of this scholarship are required to recite the passage in front of two witnesses who will sign a document and send it to the school.

Applicants will also spend thirty minutes being quizzed by the scholarship committee of different passages within the book to ensure the memorization is true.

Going through this process could well be worth it if you’re a student who wants to apply to CCU and sees the importance of memorizing scripture for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

If you’d like to apply to Colorado Christian University’s Scripture Memorization Scholarship, click here.

7. Colorado Christian University World Changers Scholarship

On a larger scale for Colorado Christian University, their World Changers Scholarship covers a student’s full tuition for up to eight semesters in an undergraduate program.

The World Changers Scholarship is given to three students who exhibit incredible leadership skills. It must be won at a weekend event where students are present by invitation only.

Students who do not win, however, still receive a $1,000 scholarship for the weekend and their hard work.

Students who receive this scholarship usually have a GPA of 3.8 or an ACT score of 28 and are required to be admitted into the school.

If you’re a student who enjoys leading and works outside the box, be sure to apply for an invitation.

If you’d like to apply for Colorado Christian University’s World Changers Scholarship, click here.

8. United Church of Christ Scholarship

The United Church of Christ (UCC) scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship for students who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Awards range from $500-$1,500 and are given in the month of June each year.

To be eligible, students must be members of the United Church of Christ, write out their testimony statements, and must be enrolled in a four year accredited college or university in the United States.

Also, sophomore students must have a grade C or higher, and junior and senior students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students are required to send in all additional necessary forms such as their proof of enrollment, official transcripts, and a form explaining financial need.

Another requirement is for students to also send in a letter of recommendation from a Pastor or Academic Dean/advisor.

The great part about this scholarship is that students can attend a secular or Christian college, allowing for Christian students who want to become medical missionaries or pursue other degrees that may be mostly in secular universities.

This way, these students can still afford a degree to help them on the mission field through their college does not directly correlate with missions.

If you’d like to apply for the United Church of Christ Scholarship, click here.

9. Foundation for College Christian Leaders Scholarship

The Foundation of College Christian Leaders (FCCL) exists to help Christian college students who have high academic achievements and financial need.

The amount for each scholarship varies since this foundation gives based mainly on the student’s need.

For the FCCL scholarship, applicants will need to show history in Christian leadership and have the heart to serve God and see His Kingdom come.

Students who have a calling to missions specifically are encouraged by the FCCL to submit an application.

To apply, individuals will need to send in their written testimony, be an undergraduate student, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and must have primary residence or attend college in Washington, Oregon, or California.

If these things apply to you, then you can expect to send in your application in the month of May and expect a response by June.

If you’d like to apply for the Foundation of Christian Leadership Scholarship, click here.

10. Biola University Missionary Scholarship

Biola University is a Christian college that offers its Missionary Scholarship to undergrad and graduate students who wish to pursue missionary work during and after their time at Biola.

Winners of this scholarship will be given $7,000 a year for undergraduates and $4,000 a year for graduate students. This scholarship can also be renewed for each of the four years.

Applicants of this scholarship must apply to the university and have a FAFSA file submitted, as well as attend a ministry workshop hosted by the school once accepted.

Recipients of this scholarship are chosen based upon their 300-500 word essay about what ministry they feel God is calling them to and how they are taking steps to pursue that calling.

A resume containing the student’s plan to pay for school must also be submitted.

Applicants have a better chance of receiving the scholarship if they submit at least one reference from a pastor, spiritual leader, boss, or leader within their community.

Though extensive, Biola does an amazing job at rising up missionaries and providing them with the training and education they need to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

So if you’d like to apply for Biola University’s Missionary Scholarship, click here.

11. Wheaton College North American Missionary Scholarship

Wheaton is a Christian college that is dedicated to raising up students who will proclaim the gospel and advance the Kingdom of God.

To accomplish this they have many missionary scholarships, one of them being their North American Missionary Scholarship.

This scholarship provides students of Master Degrees with full tuition that is paid through the missionary’s work overseas.

For each year spent doing missions work internationally, the graduate student will receive 25% off their whole tuition.

This ensures that those who apply are serious about becoming missionaries and making the world a better place for God’s glory.

To be eligible:

  • applicants of course must be US or Canadian citizens
  • BA from an accredited four-year college or university
  • two years of international ministry under their belt
  • commit to returning to international ministry upon completion of their MA studies.

Wheaton College also provides other scholarships with similar requirements under their Billy Graham Scholarship Program.

These scholarships apply to International Christian Leaders, International Missionaries, Pre-Field Missionary Candidates, and Urban/Ethnic Ministries Workers.

If you’d like to apply to Wheaton College’s North American Missionary Scholarship or others, click here.

Missionary College Scholarships Advance God’s Mission

If you’re seeking an education that will honor God as well as equip you to share the gospel and pursue missions, know that Jesus is with you always, from the classroom to the ends of the earth.

His mission is advanced because your mission of finding a scholarship helps spread the gospel, and no matter what your situation may be.

God will help you as you apply for missionary college scholarships in order to achieve the Great Commission.

Whether you go to a college on this list or not, your search for scholarships matters because you matter to God, and He deeply cares about all the big and small things in your life, including your education.

Know that as you advance His Kingdom and apply for missionary scholarships, He will provide for you, He is going before you, and He is with you every step of the way.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 ESV

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