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[VIDEO] 20 Reasons Why You Should Come to BGU


Written by Dan Sanchez

When we ask people what they like about BGU we often hear about our Global Internship or our tuition-paid model, but when they arrive on campus…

… they find so much more.

So, we thought we would make a short video highlighting 20 reasons why you would love to be at BGU.


Here is a list of the 20 things mentioned in the video with links to learn more about each:

  1. Global Internship – You will spend 16 months over seas learning a language and becoming intercultural minded and partner with other missionaries and local ministries to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  2. Student Life Advisors – SLA’s are seasoned students who are available to help you while at BGU.
  3. Spirit Week – A week where you and the rest of the student body can shows their school pride and craziness.
  4. Student Appreciation – A day where staff shows how much they appreciate you and the other students.
  5. Staff Involvement – BGU staff are highly involved in students lives by hosting campus events and hanging out with you and other students.
  6. Campsplosion – A weekend camping event for you to build community amongst students and staff.
  7. Outreach – Once a week opportunity for you to impact the community around you by practically applying the lessons you learn in class.
  8. PX – An hour set aside once a week for you and the rest of the BGU community to grow together in health and physical well being.
  9. Life Group – Consists of 6-12 other students where you will be able to pray, encourage, and develop life-long friendship.
  10. Beyond Limits – A post secondary experience for young adults with developmental disabilities, who want to experience adult living. It gives each student the opportunity to live semi-independently in a supportive, faith based college setting here on campus.
  11. Intercultural – You will have the opportunity to engage different cultures with our international students and with the many international communities in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
  12. Practical Training – You will invest 18 hours a week serving in the inner workings of the ministry and learning professionally.
  13. Tuition-Paid Model – Your tuition is paid through a combination of grants, tuition wavers, and PT. So all you pay is room and board.
  14. TREK – You will go on a two week mission trip where you will get hands on experience in intercultural ministry.
  15. Community – You will encounter people who are like minded and want to grow deeper in their relationship with God.
  16. Missions Experience  You will learn how to do missions from staff and volunteers with 580 years of combined mission experience.
  17. Outdoor Adventures – You can experience the beauty of Minnesota with its 10,000 lakes, beautiful trails by the river, and the most bike trails in America.
  18. Worship Chapel – A time for you and the rest of the Bethany community to come together to pray and worship with optional fasting.
  19. Men’s and Women’s Retreat – Designed for you to hangout and learn about biblical manhood and womanhood.
  20. Global Minded – You will be in an environment where we focus daily on what God is doing around the world.

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