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6 Tips For Effective Public Speaking


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As missionaries in training, BCOM students get a variety of classes on how to fundraise and cast a vision for donors. This blog post is another resource for anyone who would like some good tips on how to effectively engage the crowd.

1- Avoid common knowledge. This is especially true for Bible students. If you begin expounding on something that everyone knows about, then you will see people check out mentally. They might daze off, start to write in their journal, look up some scripture, or pull out their phone- whatever it takes to make the time go by easier, because everyone in the crowd already knows this theological fact or that statistic. Be sensitive to the crowd and see their reaction. If you can detect the “yes yes we heard it all before” look on their faces, then move on quickly.

2- Tackle genuine issues.

3- Be genuine.

4- Act as if it’s a dialogue and not just your monologue up there. This comes with being genuine. When people see that you are genuine, they can feel your realness on stage. Dialogue while on stage involves making sure that people’s pulses are still beating and they understand what you’re talking about. It may involve simply pausing a little and asking them, “Am I making sense?”

5-Be sensitive to the crowd.

6-Don’t try to set a mood; just speak the truth.We’re not after emotional hype or the generation of some artificial atmosphere; we’re after people who are really getting the big picture with their mind and their heart.

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