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A Call to Anguish


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What is the motive of your outreach? What is the motive of your ministry? It must come from something deeper than emotions or ideas. It must come from a heart of anguish. The heart of anguish for the lost is far more than a guilty feeling that you can wash down with another bottle of Mountain Dew. It’s a gut-wrenching conviction that cannot be satiated by nepenthean television shows or any other form of forgetting what the world’s conditions are.

Anguish compels one to action, wringing tears from the eyes and cries of pain from the heart by revealing what God feels. It’s a brokenness that doesn’t leave you when the music fades or the adversity comes. True anguish compels one to act: to fast, to pray, to cry out for the lost in the world. It’s an impetus that has led men to a lifetime of fasting and prayer for the unsaved. They break loose from their own selfish ambitions and willingly cling to the cross of self-denial because of the burden of God’s pain wrenching them from their trivial narcissism.

Conferences won’t change things, nor will a lifetime of spiritual information. It must be something greater, much greater!

God, burden our hearts with something far more than our selfish spirituality. Keep us from obsessing over my prayer life, my spiritual disciplines, my Bible knowledge. It’s not about us, Lord. Break our hearts over what breaks Yours. As Brother K.P. once said, “My eyes are dry, my heart is cold. and I know what You are like… But I can’t change myself. Stamp eternity on my eyes.” That is our prayer, too. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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