A Day In The Life Of a Global Intern: Thailand

One of the most exciting aspects of Bethany Global University has been our 16 month Global Internship. There is no better way to learn how to study other cultures than by removing yourself from your own culture.

The internship is such an in-depth experience of learning and ministry that it has been difficult to fully explain what happens while students are overseas.

Our goal this year is to help others see what student life is like around the world as they study missions, learn from local missionaries, and do ministry themselves.

We may not be able to fly you there to see for yourself, but through this blog we hope to give you a peek. A small glimpse of what your life could be like here at BGU 😉

If you haven’t had a chance, take a peek at the other global internship locations in the series: Kenya, France, and Indonesia.

Day In the Life of Missionary Internship

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Here is the full schedule example schedule for a typical day on the Thailand Global Internship:

  • 8:00AM–8:30AM– MADE BREAKFAST & ATE.  I like to have eggs with cheese and toast.
  • 8:30AM–9:00AM – SPENT TIME WITH THE LORD.  Our team prays and reads scripture as a whole.
  • 9:00AM–12:00PM – STUDIED IN MY THAI LANGUAGE CLASS.  Our Thai teacher comes to our house and teaches my whole team Thai at once. Right now we are learning how to read and write.
  • 12:00PM–1:00PM – ATE LUNCH! I often eat at a small restaurant down the street with some teammates. My favorite dish is pineapple curry.
  • 1:00PM–1:30PM – EXPLORED AND STUDIED THAI CULTURE.  Today we went to the local marketplace.
  • 1:30PM–5:00PM – TOOK MY ONLINE CLASSES AND STUDIED THE HISTORY OF THE REGION.  I’m also taking other classes such as Bible Study, Evangelism & Discipleship in Context and Buddhism.
  • 5:00PM–6:00PMATE DINNER WITH MY TEAM.  We ordered in Thai food to our house; a lot of times we have a meat and vegetable stir with rice.
  • 6:30PM–8:30PM – WENT TO MY OUTREACH.  I work with street kids, children who’ve been abused, police, and I go to prevention trainings.
  • 8:30PM–10:00PM – UNWOUND WITH MY TEAM.  Tonight we had a small worship session and then went out for hot milk and toast with Thai friends.