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A Punching Bag for Unbelievers


Written by BGU

967348_boxing_gloveWe see them everyday. They share our streets, stores, and restaurants with us. We, the followers of Jesus, at times are their punching bag.

Some are atheists, others are agnostics. Some are progressively thinking intellectuals, others are down to earth people who care more about the here and now. Some are Muslim, others are Hindu. Some are educated, others are not. Some go to church, others don’t. They are unbelievers.

A commonality they all share is that they will often say things about the Bible’s content that aren’t true. Upon talking with them, I’ll listen, heartbroken, as they launch their reasoning off of what they’ve been told about the Bible and not what the Bible actually says.

Even well read, learned people who can retain a plethora of facts and exercise an extensive vocabulary err on keeping the basics of the Bible in mind. Reason being because it’s an issue of the heart and not of the head.

Apologetic information is great, but I feel that the first step is to help them see what the Bible actually says. Manuscripts, archeology, history can come only after they really understand the truth about God’s Word. Until they understand the what the Bible actually says we’ll simply be advocating a religion far from Christianity.

You’ll no doubtingly get laughed at for standing up for Christ and the Bible, you may feel like a punching bag as they rail on you for being a close minded, bigoted, brainwashed, uneducated stoic with a fossil for a brain. Just bite your tongue and listen to what they say. People may vary in levels of intelligence, but every human being has the commonality of wanting to be listened to. The more you listen, the more they will open up. The more they open up, the closer you will get to the point where you can share with them what the Bible actually says, and that’s when the fun begins. It is then that  you can share with them the beauty of our Abba, our Strong Tower, our Shepherd, our Everything.

Don’t worry about confirming the authenticity of such and such a book, first deal with their silly preconceived ideas such as “You have to go to church every Sunday to be a Christian!”, “God wants to oppress all women!”, “God hates homosexuals!” etc.

The unbeliever not being able to feel God doesn’t disprove God’s existence, it only confirms the unbeliever’s separation from God.

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