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All Saints Week | Amy Carmichael


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“You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.”

That is exactly what Amy Carmichael’s life looked like. Sacrificial love.

Born into a Christian family in North Ireland, Amy came to salvation at 13 years of age. When her father died her family moved to Belfast and she became involved with the women in the slums. It was all based on faith in God alone. Through great mentors in her life she learned and grew strong in her faith. The love of God really changed her life through the understanding of scripture. She had a simple faith that God knew her needs before she asked and wanted to supply them.

Her ministry in Belfast was successful so she was asked to start another in Manchester. She was then called overseas and decided to go to Japan. It only lasted for 15 months; she later, felt called to India. There, she was introduced to a little girl who had been dedicated to the Hindu temple gods. Meaning, she was beaten and sexually abused daily. This gave Amy a burden for the all of the victims of Temple dedication and caused her to start a wonderful organization called Dohnavur Fellowship.

For years and years her ministry rescued girls and boys out of the perversion of the Hindu temples. Thousands of children were rescued in her lifetime. So much came out of Dohnavur Fellowship like schools, hospitals and printing. Although she was under a lot of trouble with the law because of their view of kidnapping in the areas, she trusted in the Lord, again that he would supply all of her needs. That he did. Now, this organization still stands in India and is being led by the natives who had been rescued years ago.

Temple prostitution was a huge practice of Hinduism, fortunately at the end of Amy’s life it was banned. However, it is being practiced illegally and for that many are grateful for Dohnavur Fellowship.

Amy never wanted her picture taken, and desired that when she died she would not be buried any place else except where her organization was located.

Upon a life I did not live, Upon a death I did not die, another’s life, another’s death, I stake my whole eternity.-Amy Carmichael

Like Amy, are we trusting in God with all of our hearts to the point where we are dropping everything we have to bring his hope to the hopeless? We are called to love, and love causes us to make sacrifices. What will you sacrifice today for love?

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