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All Saints Week | Hudson Taylor


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Hudson Taylor

J.Hudson Taylor: Pioneer Missionary


The day after Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) is called All Saints’ Day. While people are preparing to eat a lot of candy on this holiday we want to focus on missionary saints who gave up their lives for God’s calling. One of those saints was J. Hudson Taylor. Hudson Taylor, from England, was called to missions, and after a short time moved from the comforts of his home and family to a town of poverty. His motivation was to learn the importance of being confident wherever he was, as long as the Lord was with him he would have no fear. He trusted God with his last cent by giving it away to a sick mother in extreme poverty. The Lord blessed Hudson ten times more, and he was content because God was pleased with his pursuit towards holiness. Prayer and answers to prayer were his life’s passion. His philosophy was that he must move men through God by prayer, and that he did. He journeyed to China and faced five and a half months of great trials, but trusted in the Lord. When he arrived to China he was known for supplying the needs of other missionaries and ended up raising 800 missionaries in his time. J. Hudson Taylor is a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness. As we continually obey the Lord, we will see the fruit of our labor and this will be sweeter than any candy we receive on Halloween. So let us be like Hudson Taylor, drop everything and follow Him wholeheartedly. In what ways are you living wholeheartedly for God?

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