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Student Reflections Over Coming to BCOM: Alyssa Smith


Written by BGU

Reflections by Alyssa Smith, a current freshman whose parents are serving as missionaries in Romania.

I was excited on the day I moved in at BCOM—I was rushing my parents into the car to get started on the 20 minute drive from my grandma’s house. But that night I had to say goodbye, as my mom and brother were to fly halfway around the world the next morning, not to be seen again, I expect, for two years. My dad was to follow them a month later. So, feeling alone in a brand new environment in a semi-foreign passport country, I struggled through the next week a little. Every time I have lived somewhere new, the same fears would come up—and they were combined this time with a feeling of mistrust. How did I know these people were sincere? How did I know they would teach me truth and not plunge me into things I had never experienced before without explanation? It was kind of a twisted panic that made me wonder, “What if I’ve gotten this wrong?” and I wanted to understand it.

I had to deliberately remind myself that God did send me here, that I do know the One whom I have believed, and that “the Lord gives wisdom; and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” When the activity of orientation week mellowed out and we had class the next Monday for the first time, God convinced me that He was here because I saw that the things I was being taught were true. They were consistent with things I had been taught my whole life about God. That entire day I breathed relief, and instead of the doubt of God’s purpose in bringing me here, I was assured that He wants to teach me even more than I realize I need to learn, and it will be Him there with me the entire time. So the next time I travel into foreign territory, which -God willing- will be for my Global Internship, I must remember that confidence: that “blessed assurance, Jesus is mine,” and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The God that rescued Israel time and time again is the same one who has protected me my whole life, and He will never leave me lost or abandoned.

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