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The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” A shortcoming of this video is that it focuses so much on the mind, while ignoring the heart. A large portion of the atheists given as examples in this video did wonderful things with their minds, yet their hearts are the issue of Psalms 14:1. The mind is driven by the heart. It’s equivalent to a man lifting weights to grow stronger. If the heart is evil, then the strength can be used for evil,  but if the heart is good, the strength can be used for good. There is no doubt that these people were brilliant, but the heart is the heart of the matter, not the head. How can we call anything good or bad if we don’t know God? If we don’t know him, are we not simply advocating whatever our culture says is good? Good to an American soldier is not the same kind of good to a Muslim terrorist. Good to a drug dealer is not the same kind of good to a police officer. Good to a Jew is not the same as good to a Buddhist. Even when you go to a store, getting a bargain on a new pair of shoes may be good to you, but it means something totally different to the owner of that store or the distributor of that shoe brand. It seems that ‘good’ is subject to whatever pleases the individual. Considering the Bible says that God created everything and rules over everything, His form of good is probably the only form of good that really matters. What pleases God is far more important than what pleases me- that’s real Christianity. So when this video uses Psalms 14:1 against Christians, keep in mind that it is replacing the Bible’s concept of good with a humanistic concept of good.

I understand their flawed point. It does, however, get a little redundant. The majority of people who claim to be Christians in America are not actually Christians, so don’t be disheartened by the “statistics” that are given. Though statistics don’t lie,  some people  do. Read 1 John 2:3-6 and Matthew 15:8.

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