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BCOM Preview: Interview with Ashley


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Twice a year Bethany College of Missions holds a special college campus visit event titled the “BCOM Preview.” Although it is termed as a campus visit event, it is so much more than that. The community here at BCOM hopes this experience is one where God meets you.Just recently, I was able to sit down with Ashley, a January freshman who attended last year’s BCOM Preview. We were able to chat briefly about her experience when she came for her visit in November 2010.

The first time Ashley ever heard about BCOM, she stumbled across the website while doing a Google search for Missions Colleges. On multiple occasions while chatting with Ashley about her experiences during her Preview visit, she said, “My first impression of BCOM was the friendliness of all the people here. Another factor that impressed me was that these people had a commitment to the Lord. That commitment was what they wanted me to have too, rather than just trying to get me to come to BCOM.” Although she was already accepted, Ashley expressed, “Coming to the Preview was confirmation that I was supposed to be here.” “What is the most fun moment for you during Preview?” I asked her. Her reply was, “The Amazin’ gRace,” which was a cross-cultural game race with multiple stations representing different countries. When wrapping up the interview, I asked if she were face-to-face with someone who may be considering attending BCOM, what her response to them would be. Ashley replied, “Definitely make sure the Lord is leading you here. If He does want you here, then He will make it clear to you one way or another.”

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