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BCOM Preview: Interview with Student


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Freshman Andrew Funderburk, who does his PT in the marketing department, interviewed Kenzie Johnson, a classmate of his who gave her experience of coming to BCOM’s campus visit event now called BCOM Preview.

On Monday, September 27, 2010, I had the chance to sit down with Kenzie Johnson, who is a freshman this year, to chat about her experience with the BCOM Preview. She had come to the campus before to visit her brother, who attends BCOM. Since she had come to drive a prospective student down to Bethany, she decided to actually check it out, even though her intentions at the time were not to attend a missions college. At the Preview, and at other previous visits here, she felt immediately welcomed by the students and staff. She said, “It wasn’t like other college visits.” Another factor that really impressed her was the fact that people genuinely cared here. “The students and the teachers were different [than people at other colleges],” she replied when asked if the Preview event lived up to expectations of what the college was actually like. She felt very accepted by the people here and very at home while on campus. While we were talking about her experience, she pointed out that, “one of the teachers actually walked up to me in the lunch line [during the Preview] and asked me how I liked a class I sat in on.” “What was the most fun or memorable event that occurred while you were at the BCOM Preview?” I asked. In reply, she said, “The Amazing gRace.” While wrapping up our conversation, I happened to ask Kenzie what she would say if she were standing face-to-face with a young person considering BCOM. She replied, “…What do you got to lose?”

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