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Beautiful and Loved: A Story About God’s Unconditional Pursuit


Written by Mayra Palomino

After years of facing trials and hardships, the prodigal daughter returned home. Though early exposure to drinking, abuse, sexual content, and neglect had attempted to hold her back from the Father’s love, nothing would be able to keep her from Him. On Saturday, February 25, Kjersti Bohrer, a survivor of the sex industry with a burning passion for the Lord came into Bethany Global University to bless us with her testimony.
It was a beautiful reminder of how powerful and unconditional the Father’s love is. “I had been exposed to sexual trauma and abuse from a young age; I began to think it was normal. By the time I was 14 years old, I had begun to mask my emotions by partying, drinking, and doing drugs.” She shared. “After High School, I didn’t really have any plans for myself. A friend of mine was going to be getting a job at a strip club and I thought that was crazy, but I decided to go with her one night.” That night, the manager of the club stated how much money the girls could make. Back then, in that moment, Kjersti was ready to step into her new life. A battle raged inside Kjersti as she lost more and more of herself in the lifestyle. She tried to drown out the battle in the only ways she knew how, but nothing would work until one night when Kjersti had her first deep encounter with the Father’s love. “One night I went to go see the Lion King in the theater with some friends of mine and there was a part where Simba’s dad is up in the clouds and says to him, ‘Remember who you are,’ ” She recalled. “He was saying to me, ‘Remember who I see in you. Remember the beautiful child you are to me. I love you just how you are. Come back to me.’ ” That night, Kjersti felt God shatter her walls and speak into her heart. Though the enemy kept attempting to crown Kjersti with an identity of lies, God had a precious truth and purpose to speak to her. “In the Bible, it says, ‘You shall hear My voice and you’ll know it’s Me.’ and in that moment I knew there was no one else.” Kjersti recognized that it was God who was speaking to her. “I never knew God loved me so much and every part of me. I was a stripper and a daily drug user, and He loved me..” Kjersti knew that this love was everything her heart desired. Her heart yearned to encounter this love again but didn’t know how. One key puzzle piece was missing, and she would search for it until it was found. Kjersti searched in every religion and philosophy that she could get her hands on, but nothing came close to that indescribable, and unconditional love she had encountered. One day, a friend who had come to know Christ began to share how Jesus transformed his life. “He told me that he’d given his life over to Jesus. He started telling me about God and Jesus and what He was doing in his life. It really flipped everything I thought I knew.” Kjersti stated, remembering the challenge to her beliefs. “This, ‘god’, that I had created for myself just wasn’t living up to what he was talking about. I really kind of got scared because I really thought that I knew God, but I didn’t.” She said. “I found myself in my bathroom saying, ‘Jesus if it’s you, you better come into my heart, because I don’t know what to believe anymore.’ ” Her words called out to God, bringing Romans 10:13 to life. “For, ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ “—Romans 10:13 Kjersti’s believing friend shared videos and information about who God was with her. She yearned to understand everything she could about God. God comforted her, and let her know it was okay if she didn’t understand everything right away. And though she didn’t understand everything right away, there was one thing she knew for sure: God was that loving father, that loving voice she had been seeking all those years, and Jesus Christ was the puzzle piece she had been missing. “I understand now that I had to make that choice to follow Jesus. To give my life to Him, and as soon as I did that there He was, and now He’s here, and, He’s with me every step of the way.” —Kjersti Bohrer, Founder of Beautiful and Loved. Kjersti’s story about the power of God’s unconditional and transformational love is inspiring. Once, Kjersti did not understand just how beautiful and loved she was. Now, she stands in her true identity, empowered to fulfill the purpose God has given her. The mission that God has placed in Kjersti’s heart is this:
To encourage industry girls through prayer, personal story, relationship, and the word of God, in order to help them realize that they are loved, valued, and created with a purpose.
“Beautiful and Loved” is a ministry founded by Kjersti to help bring women in the sex industry to experience a breaking of chains and healing of wounds through a personal relationship with Jesus. You can learn more about “Beautiful and Loved” and/or support their mission by clicking here. There are many women around the world who are not aware of how beautiful and loved they are. False identity is spoken into their lives through abusive situations, bullying, the sex industry, and human trafficking. Do you feel called to help women break out of false identities and to empower them? Is your heart passionate about bringing women out of abusive situations, the sex industry, and human trafficking? BGU wants to help you be equipped as proficiently as you can. To do this, we offer a minor in Social Justice. Request a brochure to find out how else Bethany Global University can assist your journey to bring Christ’s hope and love to the world.

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