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Being a Grass Blade Missionary


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One day T.A. Hegre, the soon to be founder of Bethany Chapel and eventually Bethany International,  was struck by the story of Jesus being anointed by the sinful woman in Mark 14:8,9 because of the mere words, “she did what she could.” (vs. 8). It was those words that helped propel Pastor Hegre and his team further into ministry. It convinced him that though he wasn’t able to do everything; he could still do something. One can feel depleted and crippled at the weight of thinking you have to evangelize the entire world. But to think that God truly delights in you doing what you can do is a relief. In a meeting this week, someone told me that Christianity is not about changing systems so much as it is about changing people. As long as your desire is to share the love of God with people, the avenues of ministry are absolutely limitless. Begin with something small and start with what you have. Do you have a guitar? Do you have an easel and some canvas? Do you have etc. & etc.? Do it for God. What helps jump start a successful endeavor of any kind is not so much the resources you presently have as much as the determination you have in your heart to see it done. Do what you can now. You take care of the quality and, if it’s good and pleasing to Him, God will take care of the growth. But how does one begin their work when they have a heart for overseas-missions? Start by researching an overseas people group and praying for them daily. Research their culture, research their beliefs, consider what redemptive analogies you can come up with for them, and pray for them consistently. The history of Bethany International itself is a story of people enduring criticism because they were doing what wasn’t normally done. If there is anything I’ve learned from the Bethany story is to not let the people who criticize you deter you from following the Word of God. All ginormous trees were once at the same height as the grass blades. Be a grass blade missionary and God will take care of the rest. Below is an example of two stellar people who made it happen. I met these two on twitter and since then have been listening to their work. They didn’t start with as much as they have now (resource or talent wise); they just started with what they had. Keep up the good work you two. 🙂


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