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Bethany Global University and the Wizard of Hoz


Written by Mayra Palomino

On Thursday, March 2, 2017, Bethany Global University (BGU) students were blessed with another beautifully-accomplished Student Appreciation event. If you are not a current BGU student or staff and are unfamiliar with what “Student Appreciation” is, allow me to share a little about what this experience is like. Student Appreciation is a day that occurs every semester, once in December and once during the spring, where BGU staff takes the time to show students what a cherished part of the community they are. It is a day that displays the integrity of the servant leadership the BGU staff strives for. Thursday night, the BGU staff gathered their talents together to transport the BGU student body via “tornado”, to the land of Oz…or, “Hoz” (referencing the last name of Executive Vice President of BGU, Dave Hasz, who by the way, carried out a delighting performance as the wizard of Hoz). Like Dorothy, we were no longer home, but partaking in the captivating adventure that took place in the land of Hoz. The BGU staff put great time and effort to put this magical adventure together full of munchkins, flying monkeys, a tin man, and witches. We as students are grateful to have such a considerate and warm-hearted staff. But even after the quality adventure and performances, there was still no place like home. A home you can come check out March 30th at Campus Preview Weekend and meet our broadway-talented staff!

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