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BGU Hear’s a Who: A Tale of Appreciation


Written by Mayra Palomino

One cold day, on the tenth of December, BGU students had a night to remember. For weeks staff prepared and worked with hearty, for the annual Student Appreciation Christmas Party. No students expected that their cafe had been changed to a wintery Whoville. No, it wasn’t the same. Everything was Christmas, with wreaths on each wall. All the staff were now Who’s and looked like toy dolls. So out came the staff in their Whoville attire, to bring christmas cheer as this season requires. From snowflakes, to goodies, to marshmallow sculptures, they brightened the day with their great Whoville cultures. The students were delighted and sang with great cheer, but along came the Grinch, who did nothing but sneer. Yet, there was great laugher from all students that eve. For under the green costume was professor Steve. Into the night they sang christmas songs, As doorbells went ring, and ding, and dong. The night wrapped up with swell times in the barn, exchanging grand gifts like Who-sweaters and rope yarn. To all BGU Students, we say farewell. We hope you enjoyed this party quite well. 7H1A9672-2 7H1A9488 7H1A9492 7H1A9497 7H1A9525 7H1A9530 7H1A9548 7H1A9551 7H1A9560 7H1A9563 7H1A9567 7H1A9576 7H1A9589 7H1A9604 7H1A9614 7H1A9617 7H1A9619 7H1A9651 7H1A9660 7H1A9663 7H1A9710


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