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Top 9 Bible Colleges In Minnesota: Costs, Majors, & More


Written by alyssialwilson

Looking for a Bible school in Minnesota but don’t know where to begin? Check out this list of the top Bible schools in Minnesota to get plugged into! Each one is unique and has plenty of options to choose from that will fit what you’re looking for in a Christian school.

What are the top 9 Bible colleges in Minnesota?

  1. Bethlehem College and Seminary
  2. Bethany Global University
  3. Bethel University
  4. Charis Bible College
  5. Crown College
  6. Free Grace Bible College
  7. University of Northwestern
  8. North Central University
  9. Oak Hills Christian College

The following are in alphabetical order.

1. Bethlehem College & Seminary

Bethlehem College and Seminary, formerly known as Bethlehem Institute, has been around since 1998 and was birthed out of Bethlehem Baptist Church. It is located in the heart of Minneapolis which gives students access to an assortment of jobs, entertainment, and new experiences.

God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him. Spend the next four years relishing this great truth as you mine the treasures of the Bible and consider the Great Books—works of history, literature, philosophy, and theology that have stood the test of time and resonated with human beings through the ages and around the world.

– Bethlehem College and Seminary

Bethlehem is a well-known school because of its close association with John Piper who is the chancellor of the school. John Piper is famous among evangelicals and is known as an authority on Biblical topics.


Bethlehem offers three bachelor’s degree options as well as four master’s degree options in the following:

Bachelors Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Global Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Letters

Masters Programs

  • Accelerated Master’s
  • Master of Arts in Exegesis and Theology
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology


Bethlehem makes it easy for students to jump right into studies without worrying about how to fund their way through school.

As part of their desire to see students graduate virtually debt-free, they give all students $10,000 towards their tuition in the form of a scholarship called, “Serious Joy Scholarship.” After this scholarship is applied, students are responsible for just under $12,000 annually, and that is tuition and room and board combined.

The school is incredibly affordable and provides students with aid in funds as well as options to suit their academic goals.

2. Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University is a very unique school located in Bloomington Minnesota and began in 1948 when five families felt and obeyed the call to missions. These five families sold everything they had bought a property where they started what is now known as Bethany International and Bethany Global University.

Bethany Global University seeks to delight God’s heart by providing followers of Jesus Christ a biblically-grounded and interculturally-focused higher education experience in which they are transformed by the Cross, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and prepared to lead by serving and to extend God’s Kingdom to where it is not.

– Bethany Global University

BGU’s main focus is reaching into the darkest, most unreached places of the world by raising up trained missionaries who are well acquainted with the word of God and fully prepared to effectively spread the Gospel to those who have zero access to the Good News.

They do this through three accredited training programs: The Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Associate’s programs.


All undergraduate Bethany students are required to pursue a double major in Bible and Theology, and then they get to choose their second major according to what they peeled call to pursue.

Bachelors Programs

  • Intercultural Ministry Studies
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Transformational Entrepreneurship in Missions

Masters Programs

  • Intercultural Ministry Studies
  • Intercultural Leadership Studies
  • Intercultural Ministry Education.

BGU’s unconventional approach to school has undergraduate students spend freshman and sophomore year on campus taking classes in Bible and Theology as well as other classes that go towards their degrees. Then at the start of junior year, they head overseas to spend 16 months in one of the 11 locations across the globe that the school has established through established missionaries.

And lastly, the Associate’s Program follows the course of the freshman class, but during the second year deviates somewhat. Students who choose this route will spend 6-8 weeks in South America doing missions work and then return to spend their last quarter on campus.

Now on to one of my favorite aspects of the school.


Bethany Global is 1 of only 9 work colleges in the United States. This means that tuition is paid in full.

How is this possible?

It is covered through the work college program. Students spend 15 hours a week working on campus in various departments to pay the full cost of tuition. My favorite part of this work college model is that as you’re earning your degree, you’re also building both your resume and workplace skills.

The only expense the student needs to cover is their room, board, and some fees which comes to roughly $9,000.00 a year, with only 2 years and one semester spent on campus.

This school was built upon practical application that you cannot find in another university and by the time you graduate you will be miles ahead of the average college student who has only read and practiced their area of study in theory. I recommend this school to everyone!

3. Bethel University

Bethel University was founded in 1871 by John Alexis Edgren as a seminary and in 1914 become a 4-year college. In 1989 the school launched its first non-theological bachelor’s programs and today they offer over 100 undergraduate and advanced degree programs.

Measure our performance by what God accomplishes through our graduates after they have been prepared at Bethel to go out into the world to serve.

– John Alexis Edgren

The school is located in St. Paul Minnesota and has just under 2,800 students enrolled.


For the sake of space I am leaving out the majors for this university, but I have included a link here for a direct look at all the areas of study to choose from.


Bethel University is a bit on the expensive end at $1,060.00 per credit hour and roughly $50,000 a year. This cost covers room and board as well as tuition; for students who are planning to live off-campus, it would be somewhat cheaper.

All around, Bethel has a long history and a good name in academics and provides students tons of degree options.

4. Charis Bible College

Charis Bible College was established in 1994 by Andrew Wommack in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since its inception over 25 years ago, it has gone from a single stateside campus to 36 national campuses and 20 global campuses with 6,645 total students.

Every believer is called to be a minister of Christ; some are called to pastor, some to evangelize, some to prophesy, but we are all, as believers, called to go forth and make disciples! We at Charis believe effective ministry can only happen when we understand who God is and what our relationship is with Him. Once we understand the grace and love of God and our identity in Him, we can make an effortless impact in our world!

– Charis Bible College

They have two campus locations in the state of Minnesota, first is in Lake Elmo, just outside of Minneapolis and offers only the one-year study program.

The second location is located in Minneapolis and offers the first, second, and third year, study programs.


CBC is a three year Bible college that focuses solely on teaching Christians about Jesus and who He is so that they can, in turn, do that same thing throughout the world. And they offer 8 areas of study.

Students spend the first year studying the word of God and getting a strong grasp on the basics of God and Bible study.

During the second year, students begin putting into practice what they learned during their first year, through public speaking assignments, preparing teachings, etc. Along with this, all students are required to do missions work by heading overseas for 7-10 days to one of the many location options provided.

And finally, during third year, students choose a specific area of focus from the following 8 options:

  • Business School
  • Creative Arts School
  • Media School
  • Ministry School
  • Practical Government School
  • Worship School
  • Leadership School
  • Global Training School


CBC is a very affordable college at an estimated cost of just $4800.00 a year. Charis does not offer housing or meal plans for students which also reduces the cost.

5. Crown College

Crown College, another large Bible college located in Minneapolis, has been around for over 100 years with more than 40 degree programs online and in the classroom.

It is my goal that we challenge our students academically, nurture and engage our students spiritually, and embrace their pursuit of vibrant service around the globe. As an alumnus of Crown, I am much like our students: Called to Serve. Prepared to Lead.

– Dr. Joel Wiggins, President of Crown College


Crown College is an accredited college that gives students over 40 options of study to choose from. These programs range from Bible and theology to English and Nursing.

Additionally, along with Crown’s online undergraduate program, they also offer loads of online master’s programs!

Whichever program students choose to pursue, they receive an education from a Biblical basis that equips them to go into the world and make disciples through their work.


For students living on campus, tuition comes to $18,590 a semester, or $37,180 a year.

Students pursuing an online degree pay $475 per credit and a technology fee of $140 per semester.

And lastly, Crown’s online master’s program is $575 per credit hour with the same $140 technology fee per semester.

6. Free Grace Bible College

Free Grace Bible College was birthed out of Free Grace United church and is a small and fairly new college offering just two degree programs.

The focus of FGBC is to raise up Christians who know God intimately and to cultivate biblical and passionate relationships with the Creator.

When you place your faith in Jesus, you step into the story found in the pages of Scripture. Entering that relationship redefines and redirects your entire life! As you walk in the will of your good and holy God, you discover a purpose so much greater than yourself and your current circumstances.

– Free Grace Bible College

The school is located in Elk River, Minnesota, on Mondays from 6-8 pm. And offers unique opportunities for students. While earning their certificates and digging into the word, students are required to intern at their local church, which enables them to receive additional teaching and discipleship.


As a newer Bible college, they provide students with three options:

  • Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • Associates in Christian Leadership and Ministry
  • Associates in Christian Leadership and Ministry Fast Track

The DBS option is a year-long Bible and Theology program where students dig deep into the basics of the Bible. Students get to spend time in a close-knit community and fellowship with leaders and friends, while also being discipled along the way.

The ACLM option is a two-year program for students who want to take their DBS studies further. During the second year, students will go deeper in the word and learn and develop leadership skills that can be applied inside and outside of the church.

And lastly, the Fast Track option is a combined version of the above two programs. Students who have the time and capacity can earn their associates in half the time.


The DBS costs are very affordable at a low cost of just $1,500 for the year.
The ACLM route is also incredibly affordable at $1,650 for the second year, and the Fast Track program comes to just $3000 for the whole year. In summary, FGBC offers its programs at an affordable rate so that anyone can join and go deeper in the Bible and their walks with Christ.

7. North Central University

North Central began in 1930 as an unaccredited Bible college, but during its progression through the years has become a full university, offering both on-campus and online programs for undergraduates and graduates.

North Central University is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world. (Ephesians 4:11-12)

– North Central University

NCU is located in the heart of Minneapolis and has a stunning campus for students to enjoy. They also have multiple housing options for married students and singles where students have both RA’s to help them get connected on campus and resident mentors who help students grow in the Lord.


Like the other bigger Christian colleges on this list, North Central has plenty of majors to choose from. Since they are a Christian college at heart, all students are required to take classes in Bible and Theology/basic Bible, as their aim is to give students a strong foundation in the word of God.

Also, something to point out, for those who are interested in music and creative arts, NCU is a great school to enroll in as their media/music and creative arts programs are well known.

You can check out their music on Youtube and Spotify under NCU Worship.

As for their graduate-level programs they, at this time, only offer one area of focus in Strategic Leadership, and this program can be taken online as well as on campus.  


For undergraduate students looking to attend without housing or meals, the annual cost comes to $24,340, with housing and a meal plan, it is an annual cost of $32,870.00.

For students pursuing an online degree, the cost is $395.00 per credit hour.

Students enrolling in the graduate program pay $525.00 per credit hour.

8. Oak Hills Christian College

Oak Hills is a small interdenominational Bible college located in Bemidji, Minnesota that began in 1948. They are a four-year private college with a number of degree programs to choose from.

At Oak Hills Christian College we seek to inspire students to be grounded in the Word of God and growing in their relationship to Christ as well as to increase their capacity for continued learning so to be equipped to live a life fully for Christ.

– Oak Hills Christian College

One of the really cool aspects of campus life at Oak Hills is that the campus is located on a beautiful lake and provides students with a gorgeous campus and tons of outdoor activities to get involved in during free time. If you’re an outdoor lover, this campus will take your breath away.


Oak Hills seeks to raise up students who are prepared to go into the world and make a difference with a strong foundation in Biblical studies as well as their major of choice.

As a result of the desire to see students with a strong understanding of Bible and theology, the majority of the following majors are a required double major in Biblical studies.


  • Biblical Studies
  • Camp Ministry and Biblical Studies
  • Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies
  • Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies
  • Addictions Counseling
  • Applied Psychology
  • Business
  • Sports Management
  • Worship Arts and Biblical Studies


  • Associate of Arts (General)
  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Associate of Arts in Pre-Communication
  • Associate of Arts in Pre-Elementary Education
  • Worship Arts and Biblical Studies


The tuition cost for on-campus undergraduate students is $17,034.00 with room and board, it comes to an annual cost of $25,224.

For online degrees, the cost is $225 per credit or $6,750 at 30 credits a year.

9. University of Northwestern

The University of Northwestern came about in 1902 and is dedicated to educating students from a Biblical basis that will, in turn, raise up students and graduates who will give back and change the world.

University of Northwestern (UNW) is a Christ-centered liberal arts university located in the heart of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Since 1902, students have come to Northwestern to learn and develop as leaders through Christ-centered, academically excellent education

– University of Northwestern


Northwestern has over 50 undergraduate programs to choose from in addition to its master’s programs that can be pursued both online and on campus.

Their undergraduate programs range from accounting, art therapy, Biblical and Theological studies, to political science, nursing, and much much more.

Northwestern also offers online studies in both the Masters and Bachelors programs.

For those seeking a master’s degree, University of Northwestern has 11 programs to choose from, including an MA in Pastoral Ministry and Divinity, Business Administration, and more.


Tuition at Northwestern comes to about $32,500 per academic year and room and board, which includes a meal plan is roughly $10,000 per year as well, which puts it at $43,200 per year with all fees included.

The cost per credit for the Master’s program is about $499, which comes to about $8,982 at an average of 6 credit hours per semester.

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