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Building Up the Sisterhood: Women’s Retreat


Written by Mayra Palomino

They left on an adventure. The goal? To come to an encounter with the Father that the enemy had attempted to pull them away from. On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, the BGU women left on an unforgettable journey. The next three days were spent building each other up as daughters of The Most High King, helping one another push away the lies of the common adversary. These women were strong. They were warriors of the kingdom, who came together, sharing the Father’s love with one another and strengthening one another for the Kingdom.

The Journey

Over the next few days, the women came together to partake in different activities that brought them closer as a sisterhood in Christ. They battled it out with Broomball, conquered the Camp JIM tubing hills, ice skated, and enjoyed the relishing company of one another in this delightful winter getaway. They had many opportunities to encounter the Lord through the Women’s Retreat sessions, worship, and fellowship.

The Refining of the Armor

Through the sessions that took place over the three days, the BGU women reflected on the importance of fortifying their sisters, building each other up with encouragement as they refined one another’s armor.  They pushed away the enemy’s lies, speaking the Father’s truth over one another, and recalled the power of the “War Room,” by remembering the importance of fighting the enemy with the right strategy…TRUTH & PRAYER!

The Gifts From The Father

At Women’s Retreat, we were reminded of gifts that the Father has given us to encounter Him, such as art, words of affirmation, and creativity. Through the help of our fearless, servant leaders, we remembered that the enemy didn’t possess any power over us. He could not keep us away from our Heavenly Father.  We recognized the powerful strength that we hold through the Lord and as sisters in Christ. Women’s retreat was a great chance to develop new friendships and strengthen old ones. It was a chance to become empowered in new ways and reminded that when the enemy attempts to attack us, we can trust our sister in Christ to help us stand strong, and that our Father is always right there to encounter His daughters when they seek Him out, a wonderful truth that all of His children can rejoice in.
“Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” – Proverbs 31:25, KJV
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