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What Can you do with 10k?


Written by Ken Freire

Why is this article relevant to you? The average tuition for a private Christian college is $22,000-$34,000 a year. You can also add an extra $10,000 for room and board. Bethany Global University cuts that amount by more than half. It costs $9,900 for Tuition, Room & Board. You read that right, it cost $9,900 to come to Bethany Global University. You will save at least 10-12k by coming to BGU. Think about what you can do with this money? Maybe you could:
  • Go to the Superbowl with your entire family and treat them to box office seats. Make your little cousins and nieces and nephews thrilled with you by buying them all foam fingers and unlimited Hotdogs!
  • Have one of the best DIY Pinterest weddings in all the land.
  • Buy a newish car.
  • Own a Mac book Pro, iPod touch, or iPhone X and be the highest tech millennial on campus.
Okay, Okay.. That’s all I got for superficial options. But with 10k think about the impact you can make, You can:
  • Send a friend/relative to BGU for a year – I am sure you are not the only one you know who has a burning passion to see people come to know the Lord. You and a friend/relative can experience BGU together and be equipped to reach the lost.
  • Go on 3 overseas mission trips – Experience how God will use you in different environments!
  • Become a sponsor for a charity that is close to your heart – Are you passionate about stopping human sex trafficking, or abortion? What about helping needy kids? You can take the money you save and invest it to help bring life.
  • Save it for your second year at BGU – 2 Years of BGU cost the same amount as 1 year at another college. Sounds like an awesome deal to me.
  • Send someone else overseas long-term – There are people who have a burning passion to go overseas and reach people. You can help them get there with the money you save.
What would you do with $10,000? Post your comments below!

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