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Change of Seasons


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A change of pace is necessary from time to time. Sometimes we need to blitz and push ourselves hard to accomplish certain goals, other times we may need to take a slower pace.

We must guard ourselves from worshiping the fast season or the slow season. Both are used by God to refine and define us.

Some seasons feel as if they are bursting with life and revelation, other seasons feel like you’re plummeting. Trust in the Lord’s Word and not in your feelings. Praise the Lord that he works in seasons! How many of us rejoice at the first snow fall, or the coming of warm weather that drives the frost away? The amazing thing is that it never seems to get old. Though we experience the four seasons every year, it never gets tiring to see the first flakes or to watch the melting snow. We delight in the change of weather, and also we delight in the change of spiritual seasons.

Reflections of Esther Byington,

Red, orange, and yellow autumn leaves are swirling around outside my window, laughing and calling me to join their dance up…down…around. Fall is here, and while it is beautiful, a slight twinge of sorrow in my belly reminds me of what this season is signaling. Death is in the air. Everything that was once fresh and full of life is coming to an end…again. Funny how the literal seasons often reflect the seasons of a soul. Stranger still is how God uses sorrow, death, and distance to make us hunger for Him even more intensely. Death is in the air. But it is good, because with death comes the promise and hope of new life.

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