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screenhunter_02-nov-21-2223 httpv:// Just watch this video and listen to the absolutely beautiful rendition. Music, like many other things in our culture, can be used to share the gospel with those you interact with daily. The Lord loves music (if he didn’t than they wouldn’t be playing it in Heaven!) because he is a God of order, harmony, peace, and sequence. Living life the way God intended you to live it produces the most beautiful of harmonies. When we live life in harmony with God’s will, we see the piece we were meant to play in the greatest story ever: the story of redemption. When we sin against God, it’s like playing out of tune and out of harmony with the Conductor. Take a moment and consider what it is that you love to do, and ask the Lord how you are to demonstrate the Gospel through that. I enjoy drawing. It’s by drawing that I illustrate to people that God is our creator. If I sketched a stick figure, the stick figure is two-dimensional and static, that is, unable to move around. I, the artist, exist three-dimensionally and can move my arms and legs and such. I care for my creation because I put work into creating it. God, the Master Artist, is beyond my understanding. Understanding him is like a two dimensional stick figure trying to comprehend three dimensions. Though this Master Artist is beyond our comprehension, he has made it evident to us that he loves us, His creation, by sending His Son to erase the faults in this drawing called life. It’s only through the Master Artist that we can ever hope for a brand new canvas, white as snow.

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