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Daily Devo 11/18/10


Written by BGU

Luke 7:48 niv In the parable of the forgiven debts (7:41-42), the moneylender represents God. He forgives graciously all the sins of men as he abounds in love and compassion. He is such a God of forgiveness. Therefore, the one who wants to be like God should be abounding in forgiveness too. The Master said, “Forgive, and you will be forgiven,” in Luke 6:37. The student of Jesus must not justify his unforgiveness because of what the other person has done. The command of the Master is simply to forgive. Our sins nailed Jesus to the cross, which is a greater injustice than anything anyone else has ever done… ever, yet Christ still forgave. Therefore, any wrongdoing someone else has done to you is meager when compared to the wrongdoings Christ had to bear. Follow the Master’s footsteps of blood and forgive your enemies. Look in your heart and consider, am I abounding in forgiveness like God is? (See also: Psalm 25:6, 78:38, 86:5, 15, 99:8, 103:8-11, 116:5, 145:8-9, Joel 2:13) The word, forgive in the Bible

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