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Daily Devo 11/19/10


Written by BGU

Luke 8:3 niv

The Master accepted the help of these women who supported him from their own provisions. This may be a lesson needing to be learned by only a few people, but the student of Jesus is to follow the Master in his accepting of the gifts of other people.

If a person blesses you with a gift, consider it the Lord’s provision that they are giving to you. Consider it also a blessing to the giver when you receive it. Jesus himself said that, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35 NIV).

I learned this lesson a couple of years ago. When you are given anything, whether money, encouragement, or words of affirmation, the most humble response may be to simply say, “Thank you.”  Plain and simple, it is a blessing to both the receiver and the giver.

The Teacher accepted the gifts of others; so should the student.

(See also: Matthew 27:55)

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