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Diving Into the Unkown


Written by BGU

1153319_surfaceIn my experience, there is always at least one person who says such and such is a bad idea.I have been daring enough to do a lot of small, abnormal things this far in my life, and have always encountered resistance tantamount to the amount of risk that’s involved in what I’m doing. But rocking the boat comes with taking a headlong dive, and those who dive to the bottom are the ones who find the pearls! Sometimes they’re right and I’ll accidentally dive  right into a jellyfish, but other times I’ve dove off the bow and found some of the most precious life experiences under the surface of risk. I’m not saying that you go against wisdom. I don’t really see wisdom behind, say, playing with a rabid dog or running around while waving scissors in the air. But there are always going to be situations in life where there’s a chance of success and a chance of failure. I suppose that’s how you tell if it’s an adventurous risk or absolute foolishness: first ask yourself if there is any kind of success, secondly ask if the success is worth the risk. That’s how we can take such great risks for God, because we know he’s well worth it. Just make sure what you’re doing is pleasing to Him. Some of you may be sensing a call to dive into an unknown country or people group to administer the Gospel. Just remember that things are a lot clearer under the translucent, mysterious surface of the calling you feel. What I mean is that it’s when you’re actually in-country when you have the most clarity. While you read this blog and ponder hopping on a plane, your mind is only filled with the possibilities of what could happen. But if you go for it, things will become a lot clearer. Before you go though, I would recommend doing a few key things: 1. Make sure your heart is in the right place. I ascribe more towards ‘go until He says no’, but that’s just me. Regardless, sound the depths of your motives and  make sure your heart is pleasing to God. 2. Get the opinions and thoughts of trusted leadership (thank you, God, for pastors and youth pastors). Inquire of people who truly know you. They seem to have an uncanny ability to pick out things you may have overlooked. 3. Pray pray pray pray pray pray pray about it! Give it some time too. See what happens. There are some times that you just have to take a risk. You’ll never know what happens until it happens. That seems to be the exciting part of missions-minded life. But please, use your head.

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